Let it ride or get off the ride

Q:  I went on a trip to Atlanta with my friends and met a great guy in the bar (rare, I know, but it’s true), I call him ‘Sweet V’.  We hit it off and for the first time in my 35ish yr old life, I went home with a guy on the first meeting and we had a lot of fun.  We got along great, had some laughs, he listened to my stories about my best friend that had passed away recently, he gave me a back massage, foot massage and even cooked me breakfast in the morning.  He promised me before I left that he was going to visit me where I live.  That was last month and we still message each other all the time. Every time I message him, he responds and we keep anticipating when we’ll see each other again, whether it’s Atlanta or my town.  One night, he told me he couldn’t message me the rest of the night because he was going to have ‘company’ and I was crushed, but we have continued talking since then.  And most recently, he told me he was going to come home from his job (he works for an international flight carrier as a pilot) on Friday, but he messaged me on Thursday as soon as he got back.  I really like the guy, what should I do, keep getting to know the guy or just end it now?  –Lorraine–

A:  Girl!!!  Foot massage, back massage, and breakfast on the FIRST night?  If you don’t want him, I’ll take him!  I will make a special trip to Atlanta cause I know my back is hurting and needs some relief.  All kidding aside, what exactly is the problem cause I don’t see one?  He still continues to stay in touch with you, got in touch with you AS SOON as he got back from his trip overseas and is anxious to plan a trip to see each other again.  Why wouldn’t you?  I suppose you could have a problem with him not being able to text you that night because he had ‘company’.  But, really, c’mon, the guy ain’t yours, just cause you slept with the dude doesn’t take him off the market; you know that.    And I’m guessing you’re probably still perusing and talking to other guys and if you’re not, you should be.  All’s fair in love and war and if you guys haven’t made that move yet, well it’s still game on!  It’s only been a month, right?  I say let it ride out and take it as it comes and see where it goes.  If he’s that great of a guy, then it’ll be worth the ride and when he becomes a jerk, disrespects you or either of you find someone else, then it’s time to stop that train and check out the bus stations.  And, my guess is that since you hit it the first night, you’re not looking for a serious relationship right now, so what do you have to lose?  Have fun with it girl, get all the massages you can, and enjoy it.  You found a rare treasure, a good guy in a club, take the time to see what that treasure is about!


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