Ms. Saints…or not

Q: Last year while spending the summer back home, my mom introduced me to a trainer who worked at her gym and she raved about how she (Ms Saints–she was crazy about the football team) was so great–took care of her ill single mom, played violin, and was slender, beautiful and nice. She and I hit it off, flirting during training sessions, sneaking in sly brushes of the hand, hugs here and there, and we even started to talk on the phone. I always had trouble waking up for early AM training sessions, so she offered to call me in the mornings to wake up. Toward the end of the summer we lost touch and this year, I visited home again and I saw her out at a local bar. We spent a few hours catching up and she had to go on a late night fishing boating trip, so we exchanged our first kiss when we said goodbye. She told me she was living with her dad now and taking care of him now, I thought it was odd but I brushed it off. As she walked away, she told me to add her again on FB because the last time she didn’t see the request and she would add me this time. She also mentioned I should come out next week to watch her play violin at the bar. So I sent the request that night, as well as a FB message, but no response. I saw her the next night out again and she blew off the FB message and then told me she didn’t remember our 3 hour conversation the night before. I went to go see her play violin the next week and the band members told me she just didn’t show up and didn’t let anybody know. I was crushed. My friend saw her later that week at the bar and when he questioned why she didn’t make it, she quickly replied that she had to go to Jacksonville for someone’s surgery and couldn’t call to let anyone know. Should I give up or keep trying? She seems so sweet.

A: Wow, are you really asking me this question? Maybe you should reread your question again and ask yourself that. Pal, you’re Ms Saints is really Ms Saintless! I haven’t met a liar but her story screams it ten times over. C’mon! Late night fishing trip? Sick mom and sick dad, if her mom was so sick why did she leave her and was now taking care of her dad? Boy and the best of them all, I couldn’t call cause I was with a friend who was having surgery? C’MON! PLEASE! Kick this girl to the curb and QUICK! Was homegirl in some rural area with no cell phone access or was SHE in surgery? What good reason could she not call her bandmates and let them know AND on top of that she invited you to watch. To watch what, her empty spot on stage? If she can forget you that easily, you’re obviously a far thought from her mind! Squash that friend request and go for a woman who has her life together, without excuses or flaky behavior! You sound like a nice guy to give her the benefit of the doubt, but honey it’s time for doubt to push you in the direction AWAY from her. It should never be that hard to get to know someone and move on if they can’t even remember you! Next!


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