Man up or man down

Q:  I’m a well accomplished young woman with my career and life together and I’ve been dating this guy for the last few months.  He’s very sweet and fun, but I’m not sure there’s much more than that and I’m not sure whether to continue things with him.  He doesn’t really have a steady job, doesn’t always call me back right away and at times, I don’t hear from him for a few days.  I’ve been around him when he’s on the phone with his mom and all he does is get irritated and impatient with her and snap and berate her how she gets so stressed about cleaning the house.  He never really treats me and the first time we went out to eat together, instead of paying for the whole meal, he threw 3/4 of the payment on the table and I picked up the rest.  He doesn’t even call me on my long distance cell and instead insists on calling me on work (a local number for him).  We’re already intimate and have been for a while, but on my birthday, he didn’t come to my birthday party cause he said he didn’t know me that well.

A:  Uh, okay.  I was waiting for the good part where you tell me why you’re even dating this guy, and I may have missed it, but I didn’t see anything.  Sweet and fun?  Is that the list for this guy?  Honey, that doesn’t even fit one toilet paper sheet.  If you’re looking for fun, then darling, any guy will do.  But, if you’re looking for a man to take care of you, you need to let him go man down and find some other fella who can call long distance, afford a full meal, and comes to your birthday party.  He doesn’t know you?  Really?  So he can lay in bed with you, but he doesn’t know you?  Get real.  Time for you to drop little boy off and let him go to a birthday party of someone he ‘knows’ cause obviously a few months of intimacy doesn’t mean you know each other, in his book.  Oh, and berating his mom and talking down to her in front of you, that is straight up, NOT CLASSY.  If he treats his mom that way, expect that in the future for you.  Girl, it’s time to cut your losses, drop little man off and get you a real man, one that shows up, makes the effort, celebrates your birthday with you, and has a steady job.  Let some other unlucky lady pick up Mr. Sweet and Fun ’cause he ain’t gonna do much more than that for you.  Sorry, but if life was about being sweet and fun, we’d all still be in elementary school playing hopscotch and hitting pinatas.  Who knows, maybe he only goes to parties with pinatas!  Man down, man down, man down.  Next!


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  1. Sounds become words only after we associate meaning to them – you always want to translate meaning.

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