Smelly Roses

Q:  I recently started talking to a girl friend that hangs out with my group of friends.  She and I went out on a few dates, she seems to be a smart girl, can hold decent conversations and is really attractive.  She seems to be really into me.  We play around a lot, and one day while we were playing, she laughed and said ‘what am I gonna do with you’.  I really like the way things are going and the attraction is strong.  We have no problems in that department.  But, we recently met up for dinner and she showed up in soccer gear from earlier that afternoon.  She told me she didn’t want to go home after soccer and change.  I don’t mean to be shallow, but I got really grossed out that she had been in her dirty soccer uniform all day and then met me for dinner.  Am I out of line if I cut things off now?

A:  Woah stinky!!  I smell ya, I mean, I hear ya.  I’m with  you on that one.  Stinky is as stinky does.  And was it that hard to look presentable and be fresh for dinner?  If the girl was really trying to impress you, she would’ve taken the time to primp up.  And, the least she could’ve done was change her clothes, maybe even wipe down with a baby wipe.  If she’s already getting this comfortable with you now, just think of all you have to look forward to.  Nothing like leaning in for a kiss and smelling a funk or giving her a hug that’s met with a sticky, wet, nasty shirt.  I hope I’m painting a picture of what great things lie ahead.  Get off the stink train while you can.  Choot choot, bye bye smelly roses.  Next!!


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