Potpourri freshens your life

Q: This weekend I met an interesting, cute, sweet girl in New Orleans on Bourbon St. Yes, I know, the street is filthy, who should expect much more to find relationship material. I saw her in the bar and actually grabbed her to get her to dance with my friend, a few minutes into it, she and I started dancing. And we got so close and left my friend behind, she and I had a natural attraction. She had a welcoming smile and laugh. We were really undulating on the dance floor, I was having a blast. When it came to closing time, I knew if I didn’t see her that night, then that would be it. So I took a chance going with a psycho girl or possibly getting mugged by her group of friends (2 of the guys with them were on guard toward me). She admittedly wanted to drag me along because she had become the fifth wheel among her friends who had ‘bonded’ on Bourbon St. She was a fun girl and on halfway into the walk back to their hotel, I asked her if she would come visit me in Chicago. She told me if I bought her a ticket she would and then I moved in for a kiss and she turned away. My friend had come along with the 6 of us and decided to turn back to go to Harrah’s and tried to convince me to go with him, I asked her for a third time if she would go with me to Harrah’s or back to my hotel and she said no because she didn’t want to leave her friends. She told me to stop asking and continued to walk while I had a conversation with my friend about the change of plans. She had gone almost a block and a half, so I just brushed off my friend and ran after her. I had gone this far to get into her world and she was a genuine, sweet girl, I wasn’t about to let that go. We held hands and walked on. Once we got to the hotel room, the ‘couples’ jumped into the 2 beds and we stood there unsure of what to do next. She suggested we go into the lobby, she denied me 3 times to go back to my hotel. We stayed in the lobby and talked, she was one of the most real, smart, and captivating girls I had ever met. She was beautiful and strong. She stood her ground against me when I tried to get her somewhere other than where she intended and wasn’t going to obviously sleep with me or kiss me on the first night. But I knew even though she was happy and carefree on the dance floor and around her friends, she had her guard up. She wouldn’t believe anything I said about how great I thought she was, she had doubt as to whether I was serious about seeing her again. My words weren’t obviously going to win over her, so I hoped my actions and staying with her the rest of the night would. I was going to stay with her as long as I could and as long as she’d let me. We went and ate and then jumped into the pool, it was a great time. Then after we got dressed and headed back to her room (it was almost 7 in the morning), she told me she had to throw up. I was disgusted. She couldn’t find a bathroom after running down the hall and looking at her face, I knew she had to let it out now. I looked at the potpourri decorative table near the elevators and told her to let it out there. She looked at me like I was crazy, but she had ran out of options. She hurled into it for a few minutes. I stood there wondering what I had got myself into. She apologized profusely and I took her back to her hotel room and got a small kiss on the lips goodbye. Is this girl playing me and should I even get involved with a girl who threw up on the first date?

A: Kudos to her for not wavering on the first ‘date’. Too many girls give the guy an easy in by letting ANY physical contact the first time. It’s the thrill of the chase that keeps the men going, just like in the caveman days, men need to hunt and and bring the prize (food for the family) home to show their provider masculine presence. Not much has changed since those days except that we don’t walk around wearing fur and now we have cell phones. I’m amazed you told her to throw up into the potpourri, that would be a first that I’ve ever heard. I guess potpourri can serve many purposes. It sounds like you had a great time, she stayed with you all night, which is always a good sign. You’d have to spend more time with her more to tell if she was a player, but there are a few things that she could’ve done to signal player status. One would be if she was occasionally texting people (who gets texts at 5 in the morning), being very smooth and charming (throwing up in potpourri wouldn’t be), playing mind games to confuse you, but draw you in and disregarding you as a person without care to know anything about your personal life. Luckily I wasn’t there to hear see the throw up, so I don’t know what your conversation was about. If you like the girl, take a chance, it’s still too early to tell. Just because she didn’t kiss you or sleep with you at the get go, doesn’t mean she’s a player or not interested. The woman obviously has discipline and knows her worth, she’s not just going to let anyone in. And rightfully so, it would be too easy for you and makes you work harder to win the ‘prize’. Granted, she did throw up in front of you, but we all throw up, if she threw up ON you, that would be a deal breaker. Watch your step, but give it a chance, you may be surprised how genuine, sweet, and beautiful she really is and how she may captivate you even more. Happy hunting!


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  1. Satshop says:

    There are some interesting points in time in this article. Good article , thanks and we want more!

    Best regards Alex

    • Sorry for the late response. We’re still figuring all this social networking now! Lots going on. Thank you for the compliments, we strive to make valid points that are reflective and have an impact. And you can definitely have more, we update our posts daily, so check us back often. We also post dating questions and polls on our facebook page, so come and like us! http://www.facebook.com/smalltowndating

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