Running away from a romantic getaway

Q: Recently, a month ago, an old crush and I got back in touch via FB. He and I had dated for a couple weeks several years ago at college when I still lived in Mississippi. Now that I was in Charleston, one of the first things he said when we got back in touch was that he wanted to visit me in Charleston because he had never been there. It was a pretty bold statement and I believed him, although things had ended less than ideal back in the day. So I let him in my world, even though I had reservations about how open minded people were in my hometown in Mississippi. But we hit it off. He was a gentleman, he called me all throughout the day and we spent hours on the phone at night. He said and did all the right things. So when he suggested that we meet in Boston for his aunt’s wedding, I excitedly agreed. When I arrived at the airport, he showed up in his workout clothes, hardly something for a first impression, but I just dismissed it. When we left the terminal, I saw that his sister was driving the car and he revealed that she had rented the rental car. She and her 3 kids would be staying in the hotel room with us as well. If my jaw could’ve dropped to the floor and broke off, it would’ve. This was hardly the romantic getaway I imagined, it was more like a trip to Disneyland. Had I known, I would’ve showed up in my athletic gear instead of my 4″ heels and fitted black dress. I thought to myself that it at least it would help take off the pressure to get intimate with him on the first reunion, so I brushed it aside. Little did I know that was just the start of the downward spiral of the ‘romantic’ weekend. He ended up wearing that same athletic outfit the rest of the weekend and when I called him out on it, he said that he had threw it in the washer so it was clean. Now it was a trip to dirty Mickey Mouse land. And the whole weekend we NEVER made it into the city to eat any authentic Boston meals, instead he treated me to McDonald’s, IHOP, and Denny’s. And to top it off, he farted really loud in the middle of Denny’s. I decided right then and there, that was a dealbreaker. And now that I’m back from the trip, I’m havinh second thoughts if that was the right thing to do. Should I give it another chance?

A: Wow, were you on candid camera? I would’ve been waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop out and announce it was a joke. Ouch, nightmare from dating street! So, in summary, you experienced dirty clothes, sharing a hotel with a family as your romantic getaway, farting in public (during eating, mind you), and a guy who took no responsibility for showing you a good time in Boston. I’m guessing if you had the itinerary or lack of itinerary prior to the trip, you would’ve stayed put! Talking on the phone is one thing, but the real life interaction is a whole different animal. If your gut told you ‘dealbreaker’ then I’d say it’s right. Besides, really, who farts on the first ‘romantic’ getaway. Obviously, this guy either 1) doesn’t care about how he portrays himself from the beginning or 2) isn’t too worried about making a good first impression. But either way, if you’re the kind of girl in 4″ and a black dress traveling through airports, my guess is that first impressions are big. If this is the start, then just think of what have in store for you, romantic getaways will consist of no plans, dirty clothes, and farting. If this is what you want to sign up for, then by any means, go ahead. You may find yourself setting yourself free and farting in Denny’s next time. But, if you want something classier, exciting, romantic, keep on trucking honey, there’s plenty of other guys who wear different outfits on one trip and can keep their farting to themselves. Have a fart, I mean good day!


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