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Q: This is total role reversal and I’m not sure what to do. I hang out at a local bar in town and I met a kick ass girl. She seemed cool enough to chill and get to know, so we exchanged phone numbers and . We never really hung out after that, but we would see each other at the bar all the time. She would be friendly and strike up a conversation with me. I thought that was cool and interesting because most girls freak out that I don’t follow the standard ‘dating’ guidelines and call them 2 days later and yada yada. I’m a nice guy and I like to get to know girls before I actually take them on a ‘date’. I’ve ran into way too many psychos going out with them a few days after getting their number. I was traumatized by the last girl because she brought her 6 yr old son along and he called me daddy the whole time while he threw all the silverware on the floor. He screamed and jumped on the table while my ‘date’ let him. I don’t have a kid, but man, that one was way out of control. At the end of the night, she told me she had such a great time. I’m not even sure how she could’ve possibly had such a great time, I was the worst date as I just stared at her child in disbelief while she talked away. Later on that night, she sent me a text saying she thought we were really made for each other. Of course, I freaked out and never replied. Well, after that, she would message me 10 times a day saying how much she missed me and when we could see each other again. Needless to say, I was traumatized and vowed to never take a girl out after I just got her number a few days before. Anyhow, my team was in the NBA playoffs and the kick ass girl from the bar knew I was a fanatic about the team. So surprisingly, she sent me a message on FB asking where I was going to watch the game one night. I was ecstatic, I always thought it was cool when a girl was brave enough to be the one asking. So I told her I would be at that bar we met at. She said she was down too. I asked her when she would get there and she told be late for the 1st quarter, but she’d be there 7:30 – 8:00ish, so I told her to message me when she gets there. So, while I was watching the game at home waiting to hear from her, 8:00 rolled in, no text and I passed out. I woke back up at 8:30, nothing. Again at 9:15, still nothing. Finally at 10:00 she sends me a text saying she’s on her way. I was so irritated she totally took 2 hours to meet up, I just ignored her text. I headed there anyways with some other friends and saw her. She smiled at me, so it was hard to be mad at her and then I burst out, ‘You totally dissed me, why the heck did you show up here at 10 and not 8’. She looked puzzled and said ‘Oh my gawd, I didn’t know this was like a let’s meet meet at this time, I thought you were just going to be up here. I got caught up watching the Lakers game’. She smiled that innocent smile again, said sorry and told me she’d buy me a drink to make up for it. I let it go, but now I’m not sure whether I should ask this girl out again or what.

A: You weren’t kidding about role reversal. This girl got caught up watching the Lakers game? Dang, like TWO hours worth caught up? I’m telling you now if you end up with this girl, expect that to happen again. I mean, she sounds interested enough in you, but like most guys I know, she’ll put a game first before a guy. She may like you, but you’re going to have to play second to sports. Or either 1) become a fan of her team, 2) deal with it, or 3) become a fan of her team. Hey, I’m not a big sports person, so fighting about sports is a whole lot easier when you just give in and go with her team. Should you ask her out again? Yeah, sure, why not? I mean, she did say sorry, which is good. She was honest about why she didn’t make it, which was good. And on top of that, if that was your FIRST time making plans and you were doing it over text message, that is DESTINED to fail. Doing that makes for tons of misunderstandings. I could see both sides of this story. And besides, if it wasn’t really a ‘date date’, why the heck were you at home sleeping at 8:00. If it was a meet up the way you made it out to her, you should’ve been UP there at 8:00. Had this been the 2nd or more time you guys had met up and this happened, then I would say that wasn’t acceptable, but cut the girl some slack. Plus, it sounds like her smile’s got you in a little of a daze!! Oooh la la. If she seemed easy enough to forgive when you saw her, then I’d let it go. I said let it go, but I didn’t say forget it. Someone whose behavior is spotty like that when it comes to making plans is very unreliable. If they really wanted to impress you, they’d be on their best behavior in the beginning. That kind of behavior should at least saved for later if they have it. Hey, I’m not a supporter of bad behavior, but everybody has it in some way shape or another. You just have to decide if you’re willing to put up with it. So, NEXT time, you make plans, I suggest you use the ‘phone’ option on your phone. Typically it’s the green button on your touch screen with a phone in the middle, please see phone guide if yours is different! Reach out and touch someone. Do the what, the when, and the where. And bam, let it happen! Some people are too darn stinking cute not to give them a second chance. I’ve actually been known to give 3, 4, 5 (you get it) chances! Go Lakers!


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