Beach Bum Formal Wear

Q: I have one of the sexiest, good looking guys ever. I mean, he is GQ model hot. He also happens to be a great guy, so I got really lucky! The only thing is that because he’s a professional surfer, he wears nothing but surfer wear. He has a huge walk-in closet of nothing but t-shirts, ripped cargo shorts, and board shorts. He has tons and tons of clothes and all he has are those items. On top of that, he has the long messy mop of hair that he rarely styles. He really seriously looks like he’s coming out of a surfer ad all the time. I love him for it, that’s who he is. He’s total opposite of me when it comes to that and I love the way our relationship is. I wouldn’t change him for the world and I totally support him. I watch all his competitions. I even get time off work for week long trips when he goes all over the world. But, I’m an advertising executive at my company and it’s a totally different world in terms of dress style. I love him to death, but I’m really trying to move up in my career. He’s done some things that are really hurting my reputation and credibility. I don’t care that he’s a surfer. He’s passionate about what he does and I love that about him. But, in other people’s eyes and corporate America, cargo shorts and t-shirts don’t represent a killer instinct for an advertising executive. The last 3 work event we went to, he wore: 1) white jacket, t-shirt, and ripped cargos, 2) tan jacket, white capris, and a t-shirt and 3) gargoyle sweater with ripped off shorts. And to top it off, he wore sandals every time! I tried to convince him to get an actual formal outfit after the first event, but obviously he didn’t. Help me! I don’t know what to do! I love the guy, but I also love my career. How can I mesh these 2 parts of my world? What should I say to him?

A: Very interesting. I’ve heard a lot of issues, but clothing is a rare one. And that’s pretty cool I have to say to be a corporate woman dating a professional surfer. That’s a rare combination and in some ways, the best of both worlds. I mean, really, who doesn’t want to fly all around the world to attend surf competitions. So, enough of my drooling over your cool lifestyle, back to the matter at hand. Have you considered that he may not know exactly what to wear? He is a surfer and it sounds like he lives that lifestyle 24/7, especially after you described his closet. I’d suggest a little television viewing, oh maybe, start with flipping to ‘What Not to Wear’ and oooing and awwwing about how good the clothes look on the guy in the show. Maybe, drop a few GQ and other style magazines you can think of, for some bathroom reading. This guy’s been living and breathing surfer life for a while, it’s going to take some time adjusting. So, start easy on the guy. Give him some time to warm up to the idea. You may even want to consider skipping the inviting him for the next few work events just to give you time to work a slow transition in him. You can dismiss them as not a big deal or something quick that he doesn’t need to attend, etc. You get the picture. You can even buy him an exact outfit of what you think he should wear, maybe throw it in with the line that it ‘matches’ with your outfit. Those are the subtle methods just to take you through the next few months. But, if you need a quicker transition and have a big work event coming up, then it’s time to sit surfer boy down and have a heart to heart. Explain how much it means for your career and reputation. Don’t forget to stress that you value who he is and you’re not trying to change him, but it’s all part of the ‘game’ (he should understand the game mentality as he’s in a competitive sport) that you have to play. If he loves you as much as you love him, he’ll understand what it means to you and for your career. You may also want to give him an example of something similar in his line that could potentially hurt his career, so he could understand that you would do what it takes to support him in his career and not do something like that. If anything, heck, put him in an ad for one of your projects and show the guy off, bring in the revenue, and prove to your company you’ve got what it takes and the support you need to get there with your poster GQ boy. Hang loose and don’t forget to call me to travel with you on your next surf competition. Surf’s up.


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