‘Pimping’ Lines and Awkward Happenings

Yes, the age old game of throwing lines out during the dating game in the beginning. We’ve all heard them, we’ve used some of them, but sometimes there’s just some that stand out from the rest. Either they’re so far fetched, ridiculous, and sometimes downright funny. There’s also those awkward situations and downright psycho times that we’ve all been through. Here’s some of the ones we’ve heard. Feel free to comment with yours.

** You can TOTALLY trust me **
Right. Wait, actually, let me rephrase that one. First, it’s ‘you can trust me.’ To which the response was, ‘really’. Which followed with ‘TOTALLY trust me’. Trust is built, not convinced with a war of words. Run in the other direction if you hear this one. No one, hear me again, no one can claim to be totally trustworthy from the first meeting.

** This first date will be a great story when we have kids if we ever get married**
Woah, woah, say WHAT! The M word on the first date. That’s worse than using cuss words up and down during the date. No M words on the first date. In fact, save that one for a ways out. And when I say a ways, I mean a ways out. And hopefully you’re not drunk and in Vegas when you hear it. Otherwise, you might be practicing your right to an annulment.

** I was looking through your phone and whose number is Jack/Jill **
Uh. First question is to ask when did we become exclusive. Exactly why are you going through my phone when we’ve only gone out on one date. Don’t touch, don’t look rule. Touching someone’s phone is the equivalent of touching the *oops word insert here*. People who are claiming you on the first date have real issues with 1) themselves and 2) being territorial. Too bad we can’t undo giving some crazies our numbers. Hopefully they’re somewhat normal and give up after a while.

** I’m 25, no wait, I’m 30 **
We seem to be a little bit confused. Last time I checked 25 wasn’t the same thing as 30. Um, why exactly are you lying? Yes, that’s called lying. Either which way how old you are 25 or 30 or maybe even 21, there’s no need to lie. Be prepared to hear more lies and question this person whose age seems to vary. I’ve heard of things varying like temperature, but never age.

** My ex thought I was psycho or my ex IS psycho **
Somebody’s psycho or maybe both of them are psycho. That’s a little bit revealing on the first date. People become psycho on another person for a reason, you may want to hear both sides before you declare the other party psycho. This is a story better saved for later when you know each other better or not even told.

** My ex is a ^$#& **
Potty mouth about the ex is potty. If this is what I have to look forward to on how you’re going to talk about me, then I’d say next!! Talking bad about someone is ugly and not very attractive, regardless if your ex was a sack of potatoes. It also shows somebody may not be over somebody and I wouldn’t want to be the somebody that dates that somebody!!

Yeah, these are all as scary as it may sound. First date is first impression is first show. It’s prime time to put your best foot forward first, not your #$%. Your job isn’t to scare people off to eliminate them, it’s to get to know them easy and breezy. Don’t be one to drop a scare bomb and send your first date running away and sending someone like me their horror story. You don’t want to be one of those. Behave people, bottom line, lying, bad names, being psycho and talking the M word are all cause for the first date to implode. If all else fails and you’re guilty of excerpting too many questionable statements, just keep your mouth shut and let the other person talk. You’ll be safer and save yourself from being put on the ‘questionable’ bulletin board. Yes, I know there is one that exists somewhere around here…


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