Unbelievably Wacky Week Happenings, Part I

So, another new feature we plan on implementing is the ‘Unbelievably Wacky Week Happenings, Part I’. This series will feature stories of wacky happenings in our readers dating life and relationships. Because we all know that sometimes love and dating is just plain wacky, sometimes downright weird and more often than not, drama filled. Keep sending in your stories to us @ smalltowndating@gmail.com and we’ll include the bizarre for all of us to laugh at, learn from, and scratch our head. We’ll rate your story with a wacky factor and as always, drop a line of why it’s just so wrong. Bring on your stories, who doesn’t love to hear a good story on a crazy relationship.

Wacky #1: Cousins Sharing
Our reader writes, ‘What are the chances that I meet a guy last Monday night at the bar, we exchange numbers, we text, and then he asks me if I want to ride on his boat, then I find out he’s been talking to my cousin. The next morning after I met the guy, my cousin sees my picture on facebook with the dude and tells me she was talking to him. Yeah, he knew her from church and was angelic, taking his time getting to know her and playing the nice card. He was the little devil with me talking about all kinds of sexual innuendos. Uh, no thank you sir, there’s way too many fish in the sea to deal with you Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.’

Wacky Factor: 10
Congratulations, you get a full 10 of 10 rating on the wacky scale. Cousins + guy does not equal anything and shouldn’t. If it equals anything, it’s don’t try to have your cake and eat it too. Not all fantasies come true. And Mr. Two Sided Personality, keep it real. If you’re a freak, you’re a freak, show your tarnished halo and don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Move on buddy, move on.

Wacky #2: Mr. Jealous in the Club
I went clubbing tonight and ran into Mr. Jealous/future batterer. We danced and that was fine. Then he grabbed my arm and yanked me to go to the bar and get a drink. I stood around waiting while he talked to his friends instead of heading to the bar to drink like he said. In my head, I thought ‘Dude, don’t make me wait’. So, I walked away, back to dancing. Later on, I see him again and he grabs my hand to go get that initial drink again. We stand at the bar, I see my friend, introduce them, then he proceeds to interrogate my friend on how he knows me. And I start thinking ‘Getting weird here’. He senses my awkwardness and tells me I’m acting weird. Fed up at this point, I respond, ‘You’re tripping.’ To which he responds ‘I’ll walk away’. ‘Go ahead’. ‘I’ll do it’. ‘Go ahead’. Gone he goes, buh bye. Thank you for making it easy for me.

Wacky Factor: 6
Yeah, threats aren’t particularly sexy in the first few hours of meeting each other. And although dating is a sport, grabbing someone is foul. Good for you, no drink is worth putting up with a jerk. Just think of how many more tricks he’s got in his pocket like that! Uh, no thank you!! And last time I checked, they don’t do interrogations in the club. Walk away mister, I’d say find another girl, but I wouldn’t wish that upon another poor little soul. I know you’re up in the club, but respect is always essential, all day every day.

Wacky #3: My friend’s f^&% buddy’s and her friend want me
Sounds complicated I know. At the bar last night, my friend has an f#$% buddy that told me she wanted me in the same night her friend got my number. The f&;*( buddy tells me she wants me and how when I first met her I didn’t pay attention to her but to a less cuter girl that I was with. She tells me how she saw me first walk into the bar onto the dance floor. She tried to kiss me 3 times. Then her friend asked for my number later. I told my friend about what she did and he said, I’m done, you can have her’. Um, still thinking about this one.

Wacky Factor: 9
I think I need a diagram because I am thoroughly confused. All I know is a lot of lines are crossing and hey, maybe a short circuit will happen. She wants you and your friend doesn’t want her anymore. And her friend wants you too. This is like musical chairs but with people liking each other. Yeah, I just say stop to the madness and breathe a little. Breathe enough to where the story is simple enough to repeat 3 times. Dating should be fun, not twisting into a pretzel trying to figure out who is who, but who wants who, and who, what, where, when, why, I just don’t know anymore. Unscramble and detangle.

What a week, but this is fun. Bring more, let’s figure this wacky out!


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