Unbelievably Wacky Week Happenings, Part II’

You know there’s always something wacky going on at STD. And well, that’s pretty much true for everywhere, the world is wacky. And if you’re not seeing it, then you must be asleep or hiding under a rock. If you don’t have wacky, it will come looking for you.

As always, bring on your stories, wackiness is all part of this world. Have a laugh at it, cause what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Don’t forget to send it to smalltowndating@gmail.com Privacy respected and anonymonity always practiced. We wouldn’t anyone to know you mailed something to your favorite STD. 😉

Wacky #1: Suck a duck egg
I was talking to this girl for a couple months and I just out of the blue stopped texting her. She sent me a few texts and I just ignored them. Then today I got this one with emoji in it (I’m a pilot btw, so you know what she’s talking about here), ‘I went to the airport today and thought of you! And I just have to say….you…suck….like suck a duck egg kinda suck!! Booooooo (3 emoji thumbs down) Or hopefully you’re not detailed in Panama for the naughty boy you are! (emoji smile) As much as you SUCK I wouldn’t ever wish that upon anyone! suck a duck egg on you!! (3 emoji ghosts) And just an fyi, I’m not drunk either!! (emoji: chicken, duck, chicken, penguin)

Wacky Factor: 6
That’s actually pretty funny. I mean who says that, ‘suck a duck egg’. I think I may just adopt that phrase for myself. You didn’t really say what you did to receive such a text, but we’ll pretend it was minor or in her imagination. It’s better that than a psycho text or angry text. The girl just sounds a little silly and I’m scared to ask (but I know you might not answer) how old she is. What’s all the chickens and penguins about? Too bad we can’t throw up that text here with it’s emoji. Haha. Hey, not too wacky, but still wacky. I’m still wondering what happened for a text like that appear. Or maybe she’s just plain wacky!

Wacky #2: Car Eject Button
I’ve been dating this girl for about 2 months now and last night we had our first big fight. She got jealous because we saw my ex at the bar and I was talking with her. I introduced them, but she still got mad. On the drive home she was fuming and wouldn’t calm down. I told her she was overreacting and to get over it. She looked at me and said ‘fine I’ll just get out right now’. Then she opened the door while the car was still moving at 40mph. She quickly closed it, but she freaked me out.

Wacky Factor: 10
Oh yes, now THAT is what I’m talking about. That is a prime example of someone gone wacky in dating. You should be more than freaked out, you need to push her to go get help. Putting one’s life at risk and trying to make you feel guilty by doing it is not healthy at all. Trust me when I say your girl has a lot deeper issues than you can help with as a boyfriend. This is the kind of wacky that needs intervention. Don’t let wacky turn tragic!

Wacky #3: Underneath
My girlfriend and I were at the club the other day and while we were dancing I teased her about something, I forget what. But anyhow it was nothing that serious. She looked at me while I was standing beside the couple we came with. She flipped her skirt up to show her butt and panties (nice ones I might add) as she said ‘ha, whatever, kiss my butt’. My friends laughed and I wasn’t sure what to think.

Wacky Factor: 5
I’d say you have more of a freaky factor than you do a wacky one. I mean really, who shows their undies in the club. Yeah, maybe the girls on ‘Girls gone wild’ do, but that’s television, not real life. Unless maybe your girl has been on there. Hey, you never know the secrets people keep. Plus, maybe should look at it, it’s a great excuse for you to watch those videos again. Perfect! Hey, she might be a keeper! What guy wouldn’t find that exciting! Well, except if you’re a jealous guy. Hey, if it were me and I were a guy, I would make her wacky factor work for me. Have some fun and enjoy your wacky panty showin girl!

Panty showing, ejecting out of cars and sucking duck eggs sound pretty wacky without even telling the story! Thanks for the wacky factor stories, it always makes me feel normal!! People have quirks and it’s always amazing what wackiness they come up with. Until our next wacky factor, don’t forget you don’t have to look for wacky, it will come looking for you!


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