‘Pimping’ Lines and Awkward Happenings (Part III)

Just when you think you’ve heard it all in pick up lines, then you run into a few more that just make you say ‘Wow’. Hey, people get creative, it’s what our human minds do best. We think we’re clever. Sometimes we are, sometimes we’re not. But, c’mon some of these lines and happenings are laughable. Just test us, send us what you got and we’ll tell you what we think. Everybody could use tweaks in their pimp game.

** Do you come around here often? **
Seriously, are you really asking this? I mean, you do realize we’re in the print shop, right? So, I guess my answer is, why yes, a matter of fact I do, business is that good I come to the print shop to get 1000 more business cards a day. Wanna meet here tomorrow? Same bat channel, same bat time.

** Are you riding home with me? **
We met a couple cute girls and went to late night dining with them after the club closed. We had a great time and we all walked out into the parking lot. I was interested in girl #1 and as I hugged her goodbye, her friend girl #2 asks ‘so who’s riding home with me?’ I’m not that kind of guy so I laughlingly told her ‘There’s no big group sex thing going on tonight. You ladies are going home and we’re going home in our car’. I know she didn’t mean it like that, but it sounded so wrong. Ladies, not all of us guys are about smashing the first night.

** Do you want a boyfriend? “”
Um, dude, those are your first words to me in the club? I mean, every girl deep down wants a boyfriend, but I wasn’t about to look like the schmuck and admit that vulnerability. So, I replied, ‘Are you seriously looking for a girlfriend at the club’. And he told me ‘I have a big heart and I want to give it to someone’. Uh, yeah, sure buddy, I’m gonna believe that one. Were you going to offer your heart because you just simply were attracted to my eyes when you saw them for the first time? Don’t scare me buddy.

** You won’t get a kiss “”
I danced with this guy for 30 minutes or so, then he asked to see my phone and put his number in. When I walked away to go join my friends he asked if I was going to text him tonight. I thought to myself, ‘At 2 in the morning, seriously?’ And then I told him ‘maybe this weekend. Why, does this offer expire?’ Then he replies, ‘You might not get a kiss’. Funny he should intimidate me with such things, but I knew the truth of the matter and told him ‘Then that’s too bad for you’. Your lips may be valuable but mine are priceless, buddy.


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