Unbelievably Wacky Week Happenings, Part III

It’s about that time for the wacky week happenings. You know you want to send in your wacky stories, so send it in. We’d love to hear it. We’ll give your our wacky factor rating and you’ll have the pleasure of sharing your story. Trust us, it’s very freeing.

Wacky #1
Okay, I’m a strong Catholic, so don’t take this the wrong way. But, I have a lot of respect for the rosary, so to wear it as a jewelry item takes away from its meaning. It’s a prayer, not a fashion item. With that said, I was at a club a few days ago and the guy I call ‘rosary’ guy found me on the dance floor. I was doomed the rest of the my time on the dance floor as he would not let up. First off, I’m not once to really dance with guys, I like to do my own thing. So, to avoid him, I started dancing behind my friend’s boyfriend. Of course he comes up behind me and starts dancing with me. Then he says ‘oh, I know you’re not keeping up with him’. I rolled my eyes and then the next thing I know he’s lifting my hands in the air as part of dancing. Then he discretely wacks my friend’s boyfriend on the head. Then Nicki Minaj came on and I was ready to take up the whole dance floor with my dance moves (not the booty dancing stuff). This rosary guy follows me all around the dance floor and I’m feeling like I’m a Tweety Bird being chased by Sylvester. Finally it was time to leave and I ran out the door away from him. I glanced behind me and saw him walking out. So, I hid behind a truck waiting for my friend. Luckiily that was the end of rosary guy.

Wacky Factor: 7
You called him rosary guy. Hahaha. I just have a great visual in my head and I chuckle when I think about it. And tweety bird. Really? Oh my, that is funny. Tweety being chased by Sylvester with the rosary. Sounds like the makings of a terrible cartoon. I mean, who really chases someone around on the dance floor to dance with them. If someone’s breaking it down ‘Step Up 3’ style, there’s no need to mess up their groove. And he hit your friend’s boyfriend on the head. Now, that is ridiculously funny. This guy really is a cartoon and I give you the award for the most cartoonish incident in a club. I mean who really does the Tweey thing, plus the bop on the head, and the chase on the dance floor. Luckily you escaped that time Tweety. I tot I taw a puttycat!!

Wacky #2
I thought I ate a lot, but dang, this new girl blew me out of the water. So, I meet this cute, tiny, girl at the bar. She and her friend invite my friends and I to go to eat at Waffle House afterwards. So, we all order our food. She orders an All Star Special which has a waffle, 2 eggs, bacon, and hash browns. I plan on paying for her, of course. I’m a gentleman, so that was at the back of my mind. Then after she’s done with her food, she reaches right over (without asking) and starts eating ALL my food. I mean ALL my food. Anything I didn’t touch was making its way into her mouth. I left there hungry and bewildered on how such a tiny person just ate my grown man meal. I should’ve just ordered her 2 meals!!

Wacky Factor: 8
Dang, you should’ve brought homegirl to a buffet instead of Waffle House. That is a whole lot of food. I know, I’ve gotten a to go box plenty of times for my All Star Special. So, for her to eat all that and eat all your food too is a little scary. And well, her cavemanish or cavewomanish ways are a little bit scary since she started going to town on your food without asking. I mean, some people learn those manners, I suppose. Or, maybe she grew up in a household where there wasn’t food, so when you found food, you devour it and the person’s meal next to you. Hey, maybe she didn’t have dinner. You know clubbing can make you work up an appetite. Next time, try the wall method, where you post both arms on each side of your plate and make a blockade. Now, if she sticks her hand through that, then I’d say jump ship. She’s gonna just eat your food all the time. Not good for a hungry man.

Wacky #3
My dawg and I hang out all the time when we go clubbing. So, when his brother was visiting in town, I was down to hang out. I mean, my friend was cool buddy to hang out with, so I figured it’d be the same with his bro. Not so. We get to the club and I start eyeing out girls I’m interested in talking to and pointing them out to my friend’s bro. He encourages me to go talk to the girls, so I finally had enough beers in me to go for it. So as I’m walking toward the girl, she walks past me and starts talking my friend’s brother. I expected him to be cool and act like a wingman. Instead he decides to start talking to me and totally not acknowledge me, then he drags her onto the dance floor. Not cool.

Wacky Factor: 7
Wacky wacky wacky! Someone do the wacky dance because that is wack-y! Not cool at all, I agree with you there. There are plenty of girls out there, there’s no need for him to take the one you had your eyes on. Had that been me, I would’ve acted the wing part and said ‘Hey, I want to introduce you to my friend..’ And then let it go from there. I’m sure he’s got some insecurities that he feels the need to go after who you had your eyes set on. Tar and feather the guy, that’s what I say. Next time don’t share those choice selections you have with him or maybe pick out a few lesser cuties you don’t want and tell him. Yeah, sneaky, I know, like throwing a bone out for a dog to chase. But, it’s either that or confront the guy. And you don’t know enough about the guy to have it be effective. Or just tar and feather him.


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