Doing it for the friends

QUESTION: Recently my buddies and I met a few girls at a club while we were stationed a new duty station. It was almost time to go. I walked out of the bathroom to meet my buddy who had been chillin waiting for me. As soon as I walked out, and I saw he was having a conversation with a gorgeous girl. I immediately walked up to her and introduced myself. She liked to laugh and laughed at all my jokes. Her friend asked if we wanted to go eat with them and I jumped on the chance. When we walked out, I immediately jumped to her side and made her laugh the whole way until we got into the restaurant. I was digging her. I sat beside her and continued to make her laugh for the next couple hours. My friends were all enjoying themselves too and they were the kind of guys that are cool with just meeting girls as friends, so they were getting cool with the girl I was interested in. She and I ended up exchanging numbers. She texted me and I texted a few texts then just stopped. I mean I was leaving in 3 months. I didn’t see the point. She text me a couple more times but I just ignored them. She invited me and my boys out one night, so we went. When I got there, she was aloof and then was spending time with other guys more than me. I didn’t try very hard to talk to her but I was just annoyed that she wouldn’t bother talking to me. So we left. My boys straight up told me that they were cool with her and intended to stay friends with her. What should I do now? I’m obviously going to have to be around this girl more. Should I keep trying to talk to her?

ANSWER: Buddy, you’d be lucky if that girl wanted to talk to you again after you gave her the cold shoulder without warning. Yeah, maybe you could’ve gotten away with that had your friends not befriended her, but you gotta man up. You gotta tell this girl what’s up. I mean, if you’re okay with it being awkward every time you all hang out, then by any means just keep ignoring it! But my guess is that this awkward for everybody around. I honestly don’t know what the big deal is with just being straight up with someone and setting the expectation. That’s called being m-a-t-u-r-e! I’m sure the girl won’t be heartbroken after only hanging with you an equivalent of 2 times. And well, if she is, that’s really her problem and emotional sensitivity. My suggestion is to lay down the expectation that you’re cool with being friends because it’s doubtful you’ll get more than that. She proved to your face that she doesn’t need you. She obviously played the game and it sounds like it worked for her. It didn’t work in her favor to get you to chase after her but worked that it pissed you off. But c’mon, get real and bring it back down to Earth here. You dissed the girl, did you expect her to go cuckoo for cocoa puffs over you when she saw you again? You’re lucky she didn’t pull out psycho card and ask why you didn’t message back. Suck it up buddy and at the minimum be cool with the girl to the point where everyone can be comfortable. Or find some new friends. Or maybe even try to really be friends with the girl. Your boys obviously see something cool about the girl enough to keep her around despite what went down with you 2! Maybe if you chill out and pay attention, you’ll see it too. Squash the drama and keep it real! I’m gonna go eat some Cocoa puffs now!


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