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QUESTION: I’ve been talking with this Marine officer pilot the last couple weeks and things seems to be going well. Anyhow, I got in touch with one of my Marine buddies recently who I haven’t talked to in a while and I told him about the guy I was talking to. Then he told me about ‘Marine Online’ and told me to give me the guy’s name so he could check him out. My heart started fluttering, I didn’t want it to be a lie. Things were going so well. I was really digging the guy and he was sweet back to me. I wasn’t prepared and didn’t want to have it all come to an end. I sat there staring at my text message waiting for my buddy to come back and tell me what I was dreading to hear. Finally, after a few minutes, he told me he couldn’t find his name and if I had spelled the guy’s name wrong. After that, I resorted to my own PI methods and pulled out intelius.com to find out information on his phone number. My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw that the number belonged to a guy in Tennessee who was 92 years old. I checked the property records in Tennessee and the owner name matched the phone record. I had no idea what I was dealing with. My mind thought the worst and I asked my friend if I was talking to a guy who had killed off a 92 year old guy and was now running around with his phone. I was so confused. I had seen his officer decal and Marine license plate, but something wasn’t adding up. My friend calmed me down and told me that there may be an explanation or that the phone records weren’t updated. I couldn’t stand the uncertainty and sent the guy a text asking him to spell his name correctly for me and that my Marine buddy was looking out for me and checking out Marine online. I sent that around 11:00pm and haven’t heard anything. What should I do? I don’t know what to think anymore. Why does this always happen to me?

ANSWER: Woman, calm down. No need to rush to conclusions. Sometimes there are perfectly good explanations why things don’t make sense. But, it’s not gonna kill you to wait to hear from him tomorrow. What difference does a day make? If he needs to be banished from your life, keeping him there one extra night won’t be too much of a stretch. Besides, if the guy lied to you, then HE’S got the problem not you. He’s got a Pinnocchio problem!!! Don’t get in the way, it might hit you. It’s better if he’s gone anyways. And I know a lot of people take offense at being lied to, but it’s nothing about you. I mean, think about it, YOU didn’t make the guy lie to you. We can’t ever MAKE anyone do anything. Everyone makes a choice to do what they do. And for whatever reason he chose to lie to you. And guess what darling, you are most likely not the first one that he’s lied to. Hey, if he wants to live his life in lies, then let him be. Whatever fiction world he lives in will come crashing down when the real world hits it. People can’t lie forever. And really, there is nothing you can do at this point. Maybe you’ll hear back in the morning and he’s already asleep right now, but be prepared to still be confused. If he doesn’t answer, you will probably be left with an unsolved mystery and well letting it go is the best thing. If he does answer, you may still distrust him and be on guard. Just take it as it comes. Take it slow and pay attention to what the guy says and does. No one ever died from being lied to. It happens to the best of us. Sad to say, but those people exist. And as of right now, we don’t know if he is lying. Things will work out and it will be okay with or without this guy. No need to freak out girlie, take a chill pill and ride it out. Breathe, exhale, do it again, and be patient. Sometimes there’s just things you can’t rush or control.


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