Light of Day

QUESTION: I’ve been dating a Marine flight instructor for the past couple weeks. I met him a couple weeks ago at a late night club in town. My sister actually pushed me into him and we started dancing. This guy started acting real into me, pulling me close, holding my purse, looking out for my sister when guys tried to hit on her and just acted real affectionate with me. I’ve dated other military guys and had bad experiences. Most I had met weren’t good guys and because they were only in town for a few months, they, well, were usually looking for one thing. When he walked us to my car, I found out that he was actually stationed year for 2 years. He got my number and had to actually drop his friends, so he told me he’d call me in 30 minutes. My sister and I were sitting in the car talking in front of her place when he called asking me to come over. With my sister’s prodding, I told him no and that we’d hang tomorrow. The next day we hung out at his place and since that day, that’s all we’ve done. He hasn’t taken me out since we’ve met, not even dinner but he talks about how into me he is. Then my sister introduces me to a Marine friend of a guy she met. She raved about how awesome the guy was, how down to earth he was and how he had been unbiased when he was giving her advice about his friend. We all went out one night and we hit it off. We’ve been texting ever since but I don’t really want to focus on him since he’s leaving in a couple months and I’m already talking to the instructor. I know the new Marine is more honest, trustworthy, and has good values. When I told him about the instructor, he was really cool about it and didn’t down the guy. My sister tells me to go for him because she really has a good friendship with her and has been straight up and honest with her about everything regarding his friend. He’s even already asked me put on a date and when we were all out the other day, he paid for drinks and food. Should I take him more seriously? Should I focus on the other guy?

ANSWER: Honey, it all depends on what you’re looking for. Sounds like the time of being stationed there is most important and rightly so, you probably want something lasting. But that’s about it for choosing the instructor. Hands down girlfriend, new Marine all day every day! Why? Well, one he’s your sister’s friend. He holds credibility any day over a guy you just met him in a club any day. Who cares if he’s leaving soon if he’s such a great guy? I’d rather go for a few months of bliss with a good guy over mediocrity with another fella. I know it’s super optimistic but you never know what could happen in 3 months, this one could be the one. I mean, shoot, the guy has the wisdom to be unbiased when it comes to the other guy, his competition. That’s not something that usually happens. Had it been me in his position, I’d be selling you on how awesome I am! Life is too short to settle and not go for something real. So what if it’s over after 3 months, the stuff that matters is worth having over security. Sometimes you gotta take a chance and go for what’s right for you. And honestly, if your instructor hasn’t brought you anywhere outside his house for the past couple weeks, so speaks volumes more than his professions of like for you. Any respectable man would bring you into the light of day and already have spent money on you for at least dinner. One that’s lame and boring for dating purposes. The other is well, I’m figuring if you’re just in house, well, if I know guys like I’m sure you do, you may just be there for at the most, ‘companionship’. Don’t play that role girl unless you wanna get stuck. Frankly, you’ve already given him a chance, a few weeks at that. Most people put their best foot forward the first few weeks and well, if this is his best foot forward, you might want to step on it and turn the other direction. Take a chance girlfriend, life’s too short to stay in the house with your instructor. Give the other Marine a chance, you may find someone who treasures you a lot more. Love me some Marines! Oorah!


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