QUESTION: My girlfriend and I and our daughter just came back from NYC and it was a nightmare. I’m exhausted because I had to spend the last 3 days trying to get her get out of the psych ER there, not to mention it was worse since it fell around Sept 11th. I’ve been dealing with her depression for the last 2 years since we met at an AA meeting. I don’t know if I can do it anymore. It’s like she’s not getting better. It’s especially worse now cause we have our daughter and my girlfriend is diagnose with postpartum depression. Before she got pregnant, we were always partying together, drinking, and doing drugs. She got pregnant and she stopped. She was fine til the end and the ob/gyn told us that she needed to be on anti-depressants. We worried about her being on it while she was pregnant but the doctor mentioned it may be worse should she hurt herself. She never got on it, but now I see why she needs it. How do I help her? Should I leave? This is too much drain on me and what about our daughter?

ANSWER: You are in a very tough spot there. It’s not your responsibility to handle her mental health, but you can be there to support her. And if you’re worn out now, you may want to leave now. It will take a toll on her emotions, but if you’re not in it for the long run, then you might as well quit now. She will have this mental health issue the rest of her life and right now, it’s apparent that she’s still got an uphill climb. You can’t force her to fight her mental health problems, but you can encourage her in every way. That is where you’re going to have to be strong and consistent. I know you want her better, especially since you guys have a child, but you can’t force her. You can encourage her to get on meds, research and better understand her illness so you can be supportive and recognize the symptoms along with her behavior. You’re in it for the long haul should you go forward and you should decide now for the benefit of your all of you in your family. But if you leave her, don’t leave behind your daughter, she will need you, as well as her mom, more than ever. You’re in a tough spot but if you’re up for it, go for it. If not, bow out, she deserves to have someone there to support her fully, you don’t want your relationship to add to the difficulties. Good luck and don’t forget it happens to a lot of us, you just don’t know. But with the right meds, support and therapy, she can be back on top possibly stronger than ever! 911 for 911. You gotta up your care for the tough things in life. Nobody ever said life was easy!


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