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QUESTION: I’ve been dating or whatever you want to call it with this guy I’ve known for 3 weeks. It’s been okay, we get along, but the only thing we do is lounge around his house all day. I love being out and about, so I’m getting really irritated that we haven’t gone anywhere!! I’m definitely interested in the guy for more, but I’m not sure what to say. He’s the response I was gonna say:

i like u n everything n u say u like me too but like how come u don’t take me out? r u cheap or watt r u embarrass to be seen with me in public? r u gay? tell me the reason y or something…do u just wanna be friends? if so i can handle that but i don’t wanna be ur friends with benefits now..i just wanna be real.friends like barney love his friends

ANSWER: Woah woah woah Barney and friends. Slow down. Good thing you asked before you said anything, I could throw down a million red flags for that response. If you want something from him or anybody, you gotta do it a better way. Here’s a few red flags I picked out:

#1. How come you don’t take me out — he’ll be defensive… BETTER: I really want to go out with somewhere like the movies or dancing…
Girl if you want something, you appeal to someone’s nice side, not guilt it out of them.

#2 Are you cheap? don’t label, make assumptions and this one will also make him defensive. BETTER: don’t mention this at all, one issue at a time, men are simple remember…don’t bombard the man…

#3 Are you embarassed to be seen with me in public?, see #2… if you feel this, bring this up at a later time…that’s a bigger issue that needs to be address like that he may not want anyone to catch him or anything like that

#4 Gay? Wow…obviously not, he’s proven that one… And well, if he was, he’d come out when he’s ready, not when you ask

#5 tell me the reason… Never command him to do something or anyone for that matter. BETTER: I just really want to understand why xyz isn’t happening

#6 do you want to be just friends… see #3.. slow down woman…. one thing at a time…keep it simple

#7 do u just wanna be friends? don’t ask this unless you’re serious about being friends and friends alone, don’t test the man to see what he’ll say…you may not like the answer.. BETTER: I like how things are going but I’m not sure where this is headed..


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