Hungry Spice

QUESTION: I have this guy I’ve been talking to for a few weeks now. He’s a really good guy, but he always teases me about how I like food. At first it was funny, then it started to bother me. We were supposed to have our first official date tomorrow, then he sends me this text:

To whom it may concern,
Thursday night the 15th of January 2011. Candy a.k.a. Hungry spice and Anthony a.k.a. Mr. Awwzoom. Will be dining at Jackson’s restaurant located on Palafox st, Pensacola, Fl. Time is to be determined. Candy a.k.a. Hungry spice Has been instructed on how to use utensils so will refrain from using her hands to eat her meals. She is also aware of the ‘no farting’ policy while in restaurants and will refrain from doing so. Candy a.k.a. Hungry spice will attempt to eat only the food on her plate and refrain from eating off of everyone else’s plate. She is allowed to view other people’s meals/desserts but is not allowed to attempt to steal any ‘cakes’ or other consumable items as well as refrain from making weird noises or gestures as food passes her area.

Anthony aka Mr. Awwzoom

Ps-Candy a.k.a. Hungry spice will be financially responsible for all meals/desserts consumed/ordered by both parties.

I thought it was funny at first but now I’m not sure. Should I still talk to this guy? Should I even go on a date with him anymore?

ANSWER: Lol. I could see why you could be bit concerned since he does he call you hungry spice. But by the same token, a guy who calls a girl ‘hungry spice’ has to have a sense of humor. And I do admit that is a funny one and had me chuckling. Not sure what the story is behind that one but I bet it’s a good one! Boys love to tease girls, that’s how they’ve been forever. It brings them pleasure 1) cause they like to make you laugh cause the guy feels good about himself if he can do that for you 2) it’s just fun, who doesn’t want to have a good time and laugh and 3) it’s a way to relate and get to know the girl under less pressure than the traditional interview questionnaire! I say have fun with it, I mean the guy is taking you to Jackson’s!! If you want I’ll rename myself hungry spice and I’ll go with him. Hopefully he’s not serious about you paying but I don’t think anyone would spell that out in a letter like that. Lol. And if he does want you to pay, then I’m wrong. You might want to check with him if he’s serious about that and if he is then dump the dude, I’m a big believer in the guy paying for the first date or suggest something cheaper and play your ‘I don’t have money right now so we’ll have to go another time’ card. If the boy wants to see you he’ll dish money out to be able to see you now. Or if he says okay, you go with him next time and walk out before the bill comes and let his cheapy butt pay for it. I kid I kid. Don’t do that to the man, even though people do crappy things, doesn’t mean you do it back! Just go with it, have fun, and prepare to laugh. And one more thing, make sure you really don’t eat off his plate. Happy eating!


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