Soldier Boy


I’m in a town with a bunch of military guys and every time I go out, I meet a Marine, Air Force guy, Navy guy, and even one Army guy. I just moved to this town, so this is new to me to have military guys talk to me. I’m not one to judge really, so if I guy comes up to me, hollers at me right, then I’ll take the time to try to get to know him. But last night while we were out, I had a bad experience with an Air Force guy. I told my friend and he said ‘don’t mess with military, they cheat and blah blah blah’. Is that true? And if so, then why? I’m new to dating military guys, so I don’t really know.


Baby girl, don’t listen to the noise, if you’re screening them out as good guys or bad guys, that’s all you really can do. I know plenty of civilians who cheat, whether married or unmarried. You can’t generalize like that cause it’s really not right or fair to generalize anybody or anything, because you really do never know. I think some guys just hate on the military guys cause they get more game and more girls. There is something very lovely about a man in uniform if I do have to say so myself. And, a Marine, they’re what my dreams are made of. Girls want a man, because if a man wants a girl, he’s got to be aggressive and assertive without being psycho. But a guy’s got to show the woman he can take control and that he’s a man. Girls want to be taken care of and guys want to take care of them. So, it ventures to say that a guy needs to show that from the get go. And not to go back to my Marine obsession, but it’s the only experience I’ve had with military men. The Marines I’ve known have always been menly men of men. I, of course, rule out the jerks, but for the others that are bolder, decisive, aggressive, and confident, they rock my world. That’s the epitome of a man, and well, I’m not looking for a little boy, so I’ll take a man. Of course, you can’t just look to the military segment, but there’s plenty of guys like that. And people always say that good girls like bad boys but nice guys finish last. It really is the nice guy’s own fault if he’s not gonna be a man and not have the balls to go up to a girl! And unfortunately, for the guys who are aggressive, they are more likely to be a#$holes but, they get noticed. But, hey, you never get anywhere if you don’t try, and rejection sucks, but you gotta be thick skinned enough to keep pressing on despite rejection. I mean, shoot, I’m a girl, but we still face the same rejection too, but dating’s a process and you gotta get your butt back on that bike, otherwise you’ll never learn to ride. So, there, that’s my view on military guys. Guys are guys are guys. No matter whether they are in uniform or not. Now can I just get one of those Marines please!


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