I made a big mistake. I have been friends with my Navy classmate for a couple months now and I really wasn’t interested in her when I first met her. I just didn’t really have an attraction to her and she wasn’t my typical kind of girl that I’m physically attracted to. So she listened as I talked about and chased other girls. Now her deployment will be up in a few weeks and I’m realizing how much I’m gonna miss her. I really think she is a beautiful person and I’ve been trying to reconnect the flame. How do I get past her impenetrable wall that she has up against me?

Sorry baby. Sad to hear. That is because you only have so much time to make something happen with a girl. A girl who knows her worth is not gonna wait around for a guy to come to his senses that he likes her. If she knows her worth she knows she can have who she wants when she wants. There plenty of other fish in the sea and once you’re in friend zone, it’s gonna take a miracle to get out. Plus, if she knows and has watched the other girls you’ve been talking, that’s a turnoff. And on top of that if she thinks the girls have less to offer than her, she can realize you’re blind and dumb to her beauty and what she has to offer. Meanwhile, she’s talking to other guys, she’s stuffing you into friend zone. So buddy, you need to stop looking for things in the wrong places and realize quickly how you feel for a girl. Open your eyes wide and see every woman for what she really is, total package. You have max of 6 weeks of meeting someone to make something happen. Girls want a man to take charge and pursue her. If you don’t, in her eyes, you’re not the kind of man who’ll get things done in her world. Your chance is pretty much over with her, definitely for now. But take heed and learn your lesson to act sooner and keep those eyes open to more than physical beauty! And that son is the dating gurus advice! Lol. Hope that helps. Please come again!!


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