‘Pimping’ Lines and Awkward Happenings (Part IV)

Yeah. It’s been a while since we’ve published those pimping lines that are just a plain fail or make you scratch your head. As in, don’t use these lines! Bad, bad, bad ideas! Here we go:

** A guy asks my girlfriend, ‘where did you get your glittery shirt from, I want one’. **
Well, hmmm, ummm, let’s see. Did he really say what I thought he said cause if he did, then well, if he’s interested in shopping tips from you, then maybe he’s not interested in dating. A ‘hey, that shirt looks good on you’ would do but I mean, this dude needs to take it down a notch on trying to relate to the girl. If a guy asks you if he can get a shirt like yours, just say no to dating a guy you share fashion tips with!!!

** ‘You don’t know who I am’ **
Wow, did you really just ask me in the 5 minutes if I knew who you were? I mean, I didn’t think you looked like Kim Kardashian, but I suppose if I squint my eyes, I could see how you could possibly…maybe..could..not be her. I mean, even if you were her, I don’t dig that snotty attitude. You’re still a human being and need to come humble because you are definitely not that special. And well, who are you again?

** 5th FB posting in 2 days says ‘I miss you papi’ **
Okay, well, if you’ve posted 5 postings in 2 days and I haven’t responded, there is a reason woman! I’m obviously not putting you in such a priority to respond to you! This would be close to the definition of FB stalking! I’m the man and should be pursuing you. Girls like you scare away even the most aggressive guy. Give me a challenge, make me earn your affection and attention. I wanna win my prize, nobody ever appreciates a ‘prize’ otherwise. Contain your excitement girls and let me uncover what you have to offer. This isn’t about revealing all your cards at one time!


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