One Foot in the Door

I have been talking to this guy for the last month and I am so confused. When we’re together, things are amazing. We get along so great. We have a really strong vibe and it feels like we’ve been together forever. There’s time when he looks me in the eye and when I look back, it’s so intense and I have to look away. When we lay in bed together, he sings love songs to me and makes me melt. He tells me all the time I’m a lovely young lady and how much he cares about me. He’s tries to cut things off and tell me he doesn’t want to hurt me because he’s a bad boyfriend. He’s told me he’s never met a girl like me and that I’m such a good girl. But when we’re apart, he doesn’t always return my texts or calls. I adore the guy and would do anything for him. I have tremendous respect and admiration for him of any guy I’ve ever dated. And he treats me like a lady, which no guy has been ever able to tame me and my wild, aggressive ways. He’s a gentleman to me too, treating me to meals all the time, picking me up for when we go out, even picking me up to drive me to his place 45 minutes away and bringing me back, and never being perverted or sexual to me. He’s gone on his vacation to the Caribbean and he didn’t contact me the 5 days before. Should I continue talking to this guy? Should I wait? What should I do? Is it worth waiting for?

First of all honey, let me tell you if you’re confused after a month, that is not a good sign. Now is the time for pure bliss and having fun, so if you are confused, you are either pushing too hard for something or homeboy is just too confused to get involved with. I am happy you can know the feeling of intensity when you can look in someone’s eyes but sorry girl, that look is not what’s going to sustain a household, raise the kids or what will be the fighting force keeping you together in the long term. You can have the strongest vibe in the world and lay in bed all day whispering sweet nothings. But if he can’t commit, then honestly, you’re just really like a bunch of kids enjoying the ride. But that’s just it, it’s just a ride and not a journey. If you’re okay for the ride, then fine, buckle up and take it for what it is. But baby doll, if you’re looking for someone to take the journey with you, which it sounds like you do, you need to let him go and go elsewhere. You can never force someone to commit to you and if they’re not ready, they’re not ready. If they’re lucky, one day when they’re ready, maybe you’ll be around. But life doesn’t wait for anyone and neither should you. I know you’re into this guy, I get it, but better now you let him go and explore your other options than to be drug along for who knows what until who knows when. Sorry girl, you may have found Mr. Right but he’s also Mr Unemotionally Available! Good luck girl, and be good to yourself and find a man who’ll do the same and know your worth enough to stop and bring you along with him. Happy hunting and detach!


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