Unbelievably Wacky Week Happenings, Part V

Okay. 10 hours left and it’s 2012! So, this is our last post of the year and the last of the wackiness for this year. I’m sure we’ll have more wacky next year, after all, dating brings out the most wackiness in all of us! Even the best of the best see themselves fall prey to committing wacky acts. So, let’s hear em.

Wacky #1
I am really into this girl and I finally brought her over to my place for the first time. She stayed the night and well, we, let’s just say we ‘bonded’. Well, the next morning after we did, the chic makes my bed! I was ready for the sleepover to be done then!

Wacky Factor: 7
Well, although it is nice to make your bed, there is nothing creepier than a girl making your bed after the first night of ‘bonding’. Are you sure you didn’t go to sleep with a girl you’re dating and wake up to a wife. You might want to check your ring finger and see if you made it to any Las Vegas chapels cause it seems homegirl is little on the fast track. Next thing you know she’ll start straightening your room and washing clothes. Yeah, yeah, get excited but when she makes her own bathroom drawer, you won’t be a happy camper anymore. Watch yourself, who knows what’s next!!

Wacky #2
I went out on a first date with a guy I just met. At the end of the date, my childhood best friend and her man joined us for a few minutes. Then my date had to run and I mean, he really had to run. He said bye to me and ran out with saying bye to my friends. My friends thought it was odd and I texted him asking why he did that. His response to me was ‘as long as I say bye to you that’s all that matters, right’.

Wacky Factor: 7
Party foul. Red alert. What world is that dude from? When it’s showtime, it’s go time, you better bring the best stuff you have. That means, treating the girl the best, and her friends and everyone else you come across well! Where did he get the notion that all that matters is how he treats you? A kind person will treat everyone well, and I’m hoping that’s what you want anyways. I give yellow cards on dates when they pull weird behavior like that and if you’re not kicking the dude to the curb, at least give him a yellow card. Pay attention people! Bring out your best on the first date, in every way. Otherwise you won’t find yourself surviving to date #2!

Wacky #3
I’ve been dating this guy for 6 months and seriously, this dude cries more than I do. He cries in romantic movies, when we get into fights and most recently when he got jealous of my guy best friend kissing me on the cheek. I know I don’t cry much but I mean, it’s not crazy to think your man shouldn’t cry more than you, is it?

Wacky Factor: 10
And folks, we have a TEN! I didn’t think we would run into one of these but, hey, some things are possible! Okay, for a girl to cry a lot, well, that’s already tough. Women crying and being emotional is the equivalent of guys being angry and being emotional. But, a DUDE! This can’t be real. If it it is, I feel for you girl, you’re supposed to have a man, but if your man’s tears are more than yours, they have other words for guys like that, all of which aren’t nice, are very colorful, and ones I’d rather not say here! You should probably invest in Kleenex stocks cause your ‘dude’ is gonna exercise them. Run, girl, run. That’s really what I what I want to say. It’s only gonna get worse and it’s already bad for being only just 6 months. Run!!!!!


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