Alter Ego


I’ve been dating a girl for 3 months now and I just found out that she’s not who she says is. When I first met her, she would only give me her Facebook account. I thought it was odd that she wouldn’t give me her number, but I just went with it. After a few days she finally gave me her number. We hit it off and have been spending a few days a week together. She hasn’t introduced me to her family or her daughter yet, but she says that she’s really into me. We happened to go shopping one day and when I grabbed her bags out of the car, her receipt fell out. I couldn’t believe it, but it wasn’t her name on there. I mean, not the same first or last name. So, I went back over her Facebook and noticed she didn’t have more than 30 friends on there. Who has that small amount of friends? And then I did a search for her phone number and found out that it wasn’t even under her name, but a different one from the receipt. And then, on top of that, she accidentally called me from her real number which she’s hid from me this whole time. I have no idea who I’m dealing with and I’m tempted to cut it off because obviously she’s been lying to me from day one. Should I confront her? What should I say? Why would someone lie about their name?


Are you sure she’s a real person? Haha, I kid I kid. The old me would’ve told you to kick her to the curb and say you didn’t want anymore. But, I ran into a similar situation with a guy once and well, it opened my eyes. Lying is lying and lying is not cool. I’ll agree with you on that 100%. But for whatever reason, and this is rare, but it does happen. Some people don’t want you to know their real identity from the get go, whether it’s because they’re hiding something, they’re protecting themselves, hiding from a psychotic ex, or a number of other reasons. You definitely have to confront her on this. It’s been 3 months, and I would think you would have earned enough right to know the truth. She’s carried the charade on too long. But, before you do, don’t jump to any conclusions and keep an open mind on this. If you go in flaring with accusations, you’re liable to feel like an ass when you find out the real reason. So, just go in thinking you’re going to understand her as you would any other situation. If you find out the truth, you can then decide if it’s worth continuing on with her. And, I think 3 months is still soon to meet the family. Obviously, for one, you’re not even supposed to know her real name. For two, some people want to be sure you’re going to be around before they start introducing you to family members, especially single parents. Single parents usually want to protect their child. So, back to confronting her, you may think I’m making light of the situation, but I’m not. I’m just saying that you just need to find out and don’t overanalyze or overthink it. You may find out you lose out on a great girl whose just has privacy issues. And who knows, maybe she’s a celebrity. And in that case, don’t forget the little people like me!


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