Dust Yourself Off and Try Again




It’s almost Valentine’s Day 2012 and I’ve been out of the dating scene since 2007, staying on the straight and narrow.  Living the pure life, not being promiscuous, being the good “Christian”.  Well, I’ve been frequenting a local salsa studio.  One “lady” has been flirting with me since before Christmas.  I had been blowing her off until others said it was obvious that she liked me.  And that I should give her a chance.  One day she after salsa class, she was being flirtatious and she asked for my number.  I gave it to her, we texted back and forth.  I told her my past situation, she told me hers.  I strictly told her I’m over the drama and looking for something real.  I’ve been doing the gentlemen thing, walking to her car after class, making sure she gets home, texting her good night, and texting her in the mornings wishing her a good day.  Anyways, recently she blew me off during class and pretending like she didn’t know me.  I noticed she started talking to two guys.  The next class, the two guys weren’t around, she acted all starry eyed and flirtatious again.  I didn’t want to jump the gun.  I gave it a couple of days to think on.  I finally asked her upfront if she had a boyfriend or is dating other guys.  Her reply was “ya”.  The conversation ended on that.  The old me would probably flip out, say some not so great things, then break sh*t.  Now, this me is trying to stay calm, but I know my blood pressure is off the chart.  I’m feeling like I’m gonna have a heart attack.  From your angle, how do I resolve this the right way?  More than anything, I’m a little heart broken/disappointed because after being sincere and honest and of a long time keeping the emotional wall up, a person “plays” me.  I’m more than discouraged, again.


First off, you have to understand the game is different than it was 5 years ago. Girls know they can date multiple guys, so they do. You sir are in a competition for this girl. Your ranked on her list, but definitely number 1. You gotta step it up and show ur better than the rest to give her what she wants and needs. And if not her, then the next girl. I have had up to 5 or 6 guys in one club interested or dating me. It’s awkward but I have to choose who I want to spend the most time with. And you gotta just brave it up and ask her to go out sometime. She’ll never see you for the great guy you are if you don’t spend time on a date with her. And ask her out as soon as you can, she’ll get mixed signals and think your not interested!  Second, confidence gets girls. Ladies like a man, one that takes charge and is confident in who he is as a person. He knows what he has to offer to a girl and he’s bold enough to go after the girl be wants. If you’re scared of being hurt, it’ll be obvious! So, boast your chest wide and show that woman who’s king of the jungle.Third, you will get rejected in dating. It’s a fact. You only need one girl though! So, you just screen through them til you find the one who is compatible with or even just get to know. More often than not, these girls don’t know what an awesome guy you are. Their loss, another ladies’ gain! You can’t take it personal. We’re all looking for someone, so you’re just not the one for them! So, stand up, brush yourself up and go at it again. I mean, I talked to like 30 guys last year. It was tiring which is why I’m on a break, bur I cut them loose for different reasons. It’s burn and churn baby, gotta keep on going but take breaks when you need to. Toughen up those dating muscles! It’s brutal but you have to do it if you wanna grow your game and find Mrs Right!


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