Top 5 Dating Texts of the Week (Part III)

It’s raw, it’s the truth. It’s unedited thoughts about your dating life and well, some will make your jaw drop or say ‘OMG’. We say it here all the time. I think we use ‘OMG’ more than we use the word ‘the’. If you saw the dating world on a constant basis like us, you’d like ‘OMG’ or maybe some other profanity that we can’t say here. Either way, you know how it goes, dating brings out the good, the bad, and the ugly. So, for this week, let’s see what we have!

Text #1: Finding a substitute for the man you love but can’t have:

maybe u should get a blow up doll that looks like him n like put him in ur room n u can say hi to him every day u wake up n before u got night night lmao

Text #2: On people with rotten personalities:

I’d like to think ppl can change but she needs a personality transplant!

Text #3: When friends advise you on your finer qualities:

Always show the warmth of your beautiful smile n booty lol Gd. Nite

Text #4: What to do when you get upset with a guy:

Hahahha.I just spank his ass, bite his titties, and grab his crotch if he makes me mad. Lmfao.

Text #5: On dating and multi-tasking:

I had 5 guys tonight. One was confused, the other doesn’t know how to court me, the other got jealous cause I didn’t talk to him, the other almost got into a fight and the other doesn’t know what to say to me and awkwardly said hi. Lol. This is a lot of multi-tasking!

Yes, we said it, we told you all about it!! I’m telling you, we don’t make this stuff up. People who are married are probably having heart attacks about this, but this is the way of the single person. As crazy as it sounds, it’s fun. I mean, why else would we torture ourselves with such shenanigans! Til next week, save your texts, and tell us all about it. We’ll tell your shockers to the world! Trust me, it’s fun and freeing! Au revoir!


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