Top 5 Dating Texts of the Week (Part IV)

Anything goes folks. We all get pissed, frustrated and upset when it comes to dating, I mean, who wouldn’t. But it’s Friday, we need a laugh and well, why not just laugh at dating. If you’re having struggles, why not laugh at them, it makes it a lot easier to accept and navigator through. Otherwise you’ll just be mad and who really wants to be mad. So, here it goes, hope you get a chuckle!

Text #1: On bromance:
Bromate? The one with a gf? Lol. Who’s a bromate? Do u guys have a bromance? Lol

Text #2: On a girl taking a guy out for Vday:
How can I bamboozle a girl into taking ME out for vday? Lol. What should I say? Hahaha.

Text #3: On getting back with an old flame:
Do that and you’ll be really horny! No she stopped the fb Convo. She must be talking/seeing someone back home. I’ll just have to pull a robbery and get her back! Take what’s mine! 🙂

Text #4: On failing at dating:
I’m trying to find a rich man! Hahaha. Mission so far: fail! Jk. Well about the rich man part not about the fail part! Hahaha.

Text #5: On hunting:
Yup! Let’s go hunting for more boys!

Hunting, robbery, failing missions, bamboozling, and bro-stuff, it’s all real and it’s all there. We’d love to say we’re original and came up with it ourselves, but we have our readers to thanks. We want more! We want more! We want more! Give us more! Send us your texts and let’s all have some fun and enjoy dating for the circus it sometimes is!!


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