Unbelievably Wacky Week Happenings, Part VI (Updated)

Wacky wacky wacky, I’m beginning to think that the dictionary meaning of dating is wacky. Is anybody with me on that? In fact, I think there is more wacky than there is anything else. Sometimes I wonder if people grew up in their backyards. I’m sure they wonder about the same thing about me, but fortunately for me, I know who I am and how I grew up. I’m very comfortable with my methodology of living life! Enough about me, let the wacky stories and ratings begin!!

Wacky #1
I’m not sure if I’m dating a guy or a girl. I asked the simple yes or no question ‘Are you going out tomorrow’. His response was ‘Yeah. I don’t even know about tomorrow yet. Some guys want to get a room at the beach. If not tomorrow Saturday. So if we get a room tomorrow I’ll probably just stay at the beach. But for sure I’m going on Saturday.’

ARIANA Wacky Factor: 5
That is funny talk for a guy. I’m just picturing the dude twirling his fingers around his hair locks while he’s saying that. And then, I was expecting a ‘Oh…my…gawd’ at the end. But, as for wacky, not so much. Did he ever answer the question? I think I can summarize his answer to be ‘Yes’. Thank you sir. I don’t know if you have a very bright one there, but hey, there’s someone for everyone!

RAUL Wacky Factor: 2
I think this guy may actually be making fun of his girl and she just didn’t pick up on it! It’s a beautiful thing when you can subtly make fun of someone without them noticing. But this isn’t even close to wacky.

Wacky #2
I’m a hockey player and well, I tend to pick up a lot of chics. But this most recent one totally blew my ego. I brought her home the first night we met and well, during the deed, she just stares at me and cocks her had back and forth. I saw her pursing her lips to keep from laughing. The next morning, she thinks I’m sleeping and I hear her on the phone saying ‘come pick me up and save me, where are u’.

ARIANA Wacky Factor: 7
Man, what a blow to the ego. There’s definitely lots of times to laugh and in the bedroom is not one of those. Sounds like she was studying you like a zoo animal. Sorry to break it to you, but I’m sure you know, this was definitely not a success. But, hey, we can’t all have successes. And to top it off you wake up to hearing the girl trying to escape. Hey, guys aren’t the only ones to hit and run. Obviously girls do it too. Better luck next time!

RAUL Wacky Factor: 8
I truly feel bad for this guy. Not only was he “less than stellar ” in bed, but had to hear the girl call her friend for help. There aren’t a lot of worse feelings than hearing a comment that totally deflates your ego. Hopefully, she only has one friend to tell!!

Wacky #3

I ran into 2 brothers. I danced with one, he sucked my finger, then just walked off. Then I run into his brother who is trying to get me hooked up with the finger sucker. Finger sucker comes up and tells me he wants me to hook up with his brother since he will be leaving at the end of the month for Army ranger training, then he starts to kiss me. And I said ‘Wait, I thought you were trying to hook me up with your brother.’ His reply was ‘You can be with him after I’m gone.’

ARIANA Wacky Factor: 9
Woah!!! Hey, I say that’s every girl’s dream right there. Two hottie brothers that are okay with you having both. Score! C’mon, guys get worked up over the same prospect, why can’t we? Just saying. But, no really, you get a high wacky factor because the dude obviously seems a little confused about who he wants you to be with. How weird would that be for family gatherings? And what happens when fingersucker Army ranger comes back to visit? Um, to whom do you go. This makes my head spin. If you’re having fun, go for it. If not, stay away from trouble, cause that’s trouble and that’s only the first night of meeting. And did he seriously lick your finger? Yuck! People’s hands go everywhere and shouldn’t be going in your mouth. Maybe that works on other girls, but good hygience girls, I say not!

RAUL Wacky Factor: 11!!
This story almost can’t be real the way it played out. Seriously? Sucked your finger? That’s a red flag. Then offers his brother to you when he leaves? That’s a red flag. But then brother says you should hook up with finger sucker? That’s a red flag. Anybody seeing a pattern here, besides me?! Just way too many wacky flags flying around this story!!!


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