Random Q & A (Part I, Updated)

Hey, we’re all about change. And if you feel like trying it out, do it! Who knows where it could go? That’s the exact reason we’re just putting some random Q & A we’ve gotten from our readers. I mean, some are mundane, but really, it seems that somehow our brains go on shut down as to what to do in our dating lives. Trust me, we’ve all been there. But, be entertained, get some suggestions, or just throw rocks at us, we can handle it! And, here we go!!

Q: The girl I’m dating is a virgin, should I take her to a burlesque show this weekend?

Woah Nelly!! Would you please step up the mic again and repeat that? I’m a writer but somehow virgin + burlesque show don’t add up to anything. If anything it adds up to losing brownie points for looking like a sex crazed feen. Toss that idea out!!

Burlesque show with a virgin……just might be crazy enough to work! If she’s into shows like that, you’re golden! And who knows, it may throw her into a different mood than you’re used to!

Q: I met a girlfriend of some of my friends last weekend and I really didn’t talk to her. Should I friend her on Facebook?

Just say no and that means no to super soon friend Facebook requests, not just drugs! This isn’t a race to get a Facebook friend. You have to be tactical son. If she’s friends with your friends, then just wait til next time. You don’t want to be pegged as the dude who anxiously Facebook requests girls aka almost stalkerish! Slow your game down!

Once you friend someone on FB, you’re already opening up your lifestyle to them. And if you’re asking this kind of question, I’m guessing you spend too much time on FB anyways. I’d say keep hanging out until she’s actually a friend in real life…..remember that place? It’s what people did before Facebook!

Q: I was dancing with a guy last weekend at the club and we had a great time. I’m on sabbatical from dating, so I only offered my email. He declined and then when I went home I wasn’t sure that was the best choice. I looked him up on Facebook and found him. Should I friend him?

Uh, how bout no to that one. If you missed out on an opportunity, you missed out. Chalk that up as a lesson learned. Besides, you don’t want to look like super creeper and indecisive going from email to Facebook request. You don’t want to be the girl chasing after a dude. That would be the other way around darling if you want to keep him chasing you even through marriage. And maybe you should rethink your sabbatical, opportunities come when they’re supposed to, not when it’s convenient for you.

Desperation looks good on no one, my friend, especially after a dance! Stick to your guns, stay on your sabbatical. And offering an email address? That’s new for me. That should show you your interest level in him. That’s why he said ‘no thanks’. No guy wants an email address. Stay away from FB hook-ups. Nothing good comes from Facebook. I heard it’s the spawn of Satan!

Q: I’ve been dating this girl for 2 months, what should I get her for Valentine’s? She’s not very sentimental.

Throw out the heart shaped boxes with candy and teddy bears. Please no!! My past teddy bears from guys of the past are chew toys for my dog. Saved me money on dog toys, but barf the effect on Valentine’s. I would be digging on some pink stilettos. Just sayin. Okay, really, some generic things for girls. Pretty much 90% of girls will take an hour massage, manicure, pedicure, and a shopping spree is always nice (of course, set a limit on that bad boy). Of course, anything having to deal with her interests would be good like photography, books, painting, sports, etc. Study her and her interests, go from there. A gift from the heart is better than a cookie cutter Vday present any day.

Two months isn’t long enough to be sentimental, which may play into your favor here. No chocolates, roses, or flowers should be on your list. You need to find something that’s going to set you apart, but not be over the top
. Do a little research of events that are around that day. You can even look in surrounding cities like Mobile or Biloxi. There’s always fun stuff to do there. Her gift doesn’t necessarily need to be on that day, maybe tickets to an upcoming show would work. That way, you get to enjoy the gift too! And maybe a nice dinner is even an option too!.


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