Top 5 Dating Texts of the Week (Part V)

We scrounged around and got ’em.  Straight screen captures of some crazy text messages.  Some of these are new to me.  I’d have to say my friends are pretty stable compared the tricks these screen captures of text messages are speaking of.  They’re fun, they’re raw (again), they’re real.  Oh, yes, they’re real.  It’s dating.  You might feel more sane in your dating life after you read these or you may not want to date!  But we love ’em, it definitely keeps us on our toes.  I even reread these thinking, ‘is that real’.  Here they come.  Keep ’em coming! And kudos and more kudos to those who submitted, you guys are BRAVE!!!   

Text #1:  On banana peels

banana peel dirty bachelor bathroom trash gross

Text #2:  On movie dates…

stinky armpit throw up bathroom movie gross yucky barf date first date

Text #3: On bad luck in the bedroom…

feel bad sleeping single year laughing give up hookup

Text #4:  On women’s skin

soft skin butt snake random date girls girl women woman meet

Text #5: On late night drunk texts with a fail….

beginning ending friends drunk text happy boys trip We love to date and meet people, but all kinds of elements get thrown in:  banana peels, snake-skin, hook up fails, throwing up, and just plain bad luck for some people!  It’ll get better, trust us, but meanwhile, stay with us as we keep exploring the inner thoughts and habits of America’s dating world!  


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