Love at First Sight


I met the most amazing man recently. I had just gotten out of a terrible dating experience with a guy who was very confused and took my emotions for a ride. It was so bad that I decided to cut off all the guys I was dating and scrub my phone of all the guy’s numbers I had gotten last year. Well, I met Mr. Ferrari (he’s awesome and has class) and I gave him my number. He never called and I eventually forgot about him. A couple weeks later I saw him at a different club which I didn’t expect, since he lived an hour away. I was dancing with another guy and just acknowledged the Ferrari’s presence then went wild on the guy I was with. Drama went down and I just walked away from him. I decided just to drop by Mr Ferrari just to be polite. He then told me I gave him the wrong phone number, and we exchanged numbers. We spent the rest of the night together. Now we talk everyday all day morning to night back to back. He’s always calling me and checking on me during his lunch break. He listens to everything I have to say and this is something I’ve never had. He told me how he’s scared to hurt me and I have a hard time believing it, because no man before him was ever like that. I think he’s the one, we are intertwined in a way I’ve never had. I’m so used to just sleeping with a guy soon after but he’s told me he wants to wait til I’m ready. Should I wait? Does it matter really? What should I do? Should I believe him?


Are you sure if this a real guy? And if he is, he needs to be cloned. A guy who says he wants to wait til you’re ready? Baby girl, trust me when I say he is a very rare rare breed. I would say wait if you’re not ready, especially if you were hurt just recently. Nobody needs back to back heartbreaks. That’s a lot of heart exercises for you. Of course it matters if and how you wait. If you wait, it gives you a better chance to see who he really is and decide if you’re ready to take the next step. If this was something casual, I’d have an entirely different POV. But, if you think he’s the one, then it’s a good idea to take your time. If he’s the one, there’s no rush cause you’ll be headed in the same direction together. I know it’s probably hard to wait if you’re used to having your smash parties shortly after meeting. But if you want something you never had, you have to do things you’ve never done. But, don’t wait too long, you still want to keep that connection there cause I’m guessing you don’t want to end up with him in the friend zone. Just be chill and patient girl, no need to reach forever today. Today is enough for today. If you’ve got a good thing, hold on to it (not too tight though, you don’t want to scare the dude), there are plen-ty of girls who will try to take what you have. Be you, go with the flow and remember sometimes good things do happen. And when you let go of mediocrity, you have a chance at excellence! Now, just send in the contact info for his closest brothers and friends. Woah, psycho! Sorry, I let the psycho sounding person in me get out for a second. Good luck!


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