‘Pimping’ Lines and Awkward Happenings (Part VIII)

Well, we try not to disappoint for pimping lines and awkward happenings, and thanks to you guys, we don’t. I mean, really, who of us, really knows how to do all these dating rules and such. And we all know they’re fluid. But we try and then things like today’s snippets happen. And we all know if you can’t laugh at yourself, then well, you’re just taking life too seriously. Here’s what we got:

** beautiful girl picked her butt **

I stepped into the hospital gift shop the other day and saw a beautiful young lady. She was gorgeous and had the most exotic look. Her body was great and then all of a sudden, she starts to pick her butt. I guess she didn’t see me walk in the gift shop, so I just stood there shocked and entertained. Then she looked up and saw me, put her head down and walked the other way.

Yeah, butt picking should be reserved for non work hours, mostly for at home!! I’m sure she definitely left an impression on you, but probably not the one she wanted to. Note to self: pick butt at home. Done. Check. But, hey if you did talk to the girl, that’d be a memorable story to tell over and over.

** outstanding **

My 2 girlfriends and I were all standing around at this restaurant/bar. My one girlfriend was busy texting her man and us two were just conversating. Then out of nowhere, this guy turns around and says ‘how are you ladies’ loudly and awkwardly like he’d never said that before. We didn’t reply and he just replied ‘oustanding’.

You definitely know you have a terrible pimping line when you hear silence. I’m sure he was wishing for an ‘easy’ button right about there. And I can only imagine how awkwardly he said it. These poor guys, it’s tough to know exactly what to say that first time. But we say try and try and try again til you figure it out. And we’ll give you a little help the way too.

** interrupting #2 **

My girlfriend and I were sitting there talking about a really deep subject at the bar, when out of nowhere this dude comes up and says, ‘sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.’ We just stared at him.

Wow, buddy, maybe you need to look up the 2 words sorry and interrupt in the dictionary. We deem this unsmooth! If I was in sassy mode, my reply would’ve been, ‘then why did you’. Yeah, c’mon guys, really, put in a little thought before you go out. Maybe do some meditation or something.

Take notes fellas from your fellow pimpster or a girl who knows pimping 101. Otherwise, you’ll be telling yourself ‘outstanding’ many times over. Natural and in the moment is what we swear by over and over. Nothing over the top fellas, awkward, trying too hard, saying you’re desperate (yes, we’ve heard this one), are not flying in pickup line world. And ladies, don’t pick your butt in public, you never know who’s watching. At least just shake it out if you’re in public. Sound weird? Yeah, go try ‘shake it out’ unwedge when you get home. Those are our wise words of wisdom for today, til next time!


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