Random Q & A (Part II)

Q: I met a wonderful guy, but he doesn’t want to be officially boyfriend and girlfriend. But we talk and text all day every day and he even drove an hour to come see me and have dinner with me the other day. He said he’ll wait til marriage for having sex with me if that’s what I really wanted. But, he told me he would only want to be friends if I slept with other people. Should I keep this guy?


Where in the world did you find this guy? I mean, really, he is willing to wait until you’re ready for sex. We’ve all heard and read about these guys, but they’re like mythical creatures! Few people, women included, in this day and age want to make that sacrifice. And, if that’s what you want, then why would you want another guy sexually. He may not give you a title but he’s giving you something more. He’s giving you respect and himself outside the bedroom. Forget what you’ve known and keep what you see in front of you. I’m sure the ride will be worth it.

Q: I met a guy and he promised he’ll never cheat, should I believe him?


Yeah. I just take it day by day. No one, good person or not, can ever promise they won’t do something in the future like cheat. No one can ever guarantee they’ll even be the same person. So, you just gotta trust the right person, pay attention to your gut and live life. That’s all we can control is putting ourselves in the presence of the right places, situations and people, and then just live moment by moment.

Q: I’m a single girl in her 20’s and I’m just having fun dating. I sleep with different guys, but I’m a good person. I just like guys a lot! I don’t see what the problem is with that? But I just want to get a second opinion.


Girl, you are a lot emotionally stronger than most women I know. What you are doing, most women couldn’t ever emotionally allow themselves to get there. You’re young and you’re having fun. But, there will come a time in your life when you meet someone amazing and you will wish there were none before who were part of your sexual memory. And that never had a piece of you that you can never get back. And that the man you love could have more first experiences with you that some other guy didn’t claim before. You just have to get a balance, girl, for what you want physically and what emotional/relationship goals you are going for to make sure you’re hitting that. Most likely, one day you’ll want kids and a husband. And you’ll wonder where all the years went to try to lead up to that if you’re not in a healthy marriage. Just don’t deny yourself of the love you deserve for too long. But make sure you’re a tough girl. Don’t put up with sh&t from guys and drop them in a heartbeat if they disrespect you. Just keep your end goal in mind with guys and work with that. It’s okay to go sample all the flavors of the world. But just keep being safe.


I’m a photographer and just starting out my business. I’ve had a lot of beautiful girls ask me to do their portrait shots and photo sessions. Some people think I’m doing it just to get the girls, but I honestly love photography. And I am trying to build my business. How should I handle my relations with girls in this situation?


Alas, one of those lucky guys surrounded by beautiful women. That’s a great place for someone such as yourself to be surrounded by beauty while you are doing your passion. First off, you should make you are professional during the photo shoot. Nothing will send the ladies running faster than knowing there’s a creepy guy waiting to take pictures of them just so you can pick up on them. That’s definitely not going to help build your business. Also, is there is an interest, wait til the business and photo shoot is over before you pursue anything. But I wouldn’t make it a habit of this, you don’t want that reputation. And don’t listen to other people, people will always have negative things to say and try to make it seem that you have ulterior motives. If you don’t, then just forget them and do your thing! Snap away!


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