Unbelievably Wacky Week Happenings, Part VII

Wacky!!! It’s wacky time! Maybe we’ve had a little too much Red Bull and coffee, which is why we’re off the wall with excitement. Or maybe it’s because 25 days til our new website launch!! Big things poppin. So grammatically incorrect of us, but we love that saying! Anyhoo, you wanna know what’s wacky? Well let us tell you…

Wacky #1

I am standing at the bar getting water and then the guy next to me starts talking to me. He wasn’t my type but I was just being friendly. He was funny and he knew some of my friends that owned businesses in the area. Then his wife comes up, dumps her water glass and tells me that’s her husband.

ARIANA. Wacky Factor: 9

Yeah, now you know why homeboy was talking to you cause he’s living with psycho! Women, check it! If you are attacking the woman you THINK is hitting on your man, you need take a good, long, hard look at your husband/man. That is the person you should hold accountable and take your anger out on (not that you should be angry in the first place). I’m not hearing anything scandalous going on or the fact that he announced he was married. That’s on him to announce that fact. But, watch it, you never know how jealous a person can be. But chill out people, being jealous is not a good look on anyone! Tame that green eyed monster, or he’ll grow even bigger and unmanageable than he is now!!

Wacky #2

My girlfriend crashed into my neighbor’s mailbox and knocked it down the other day cause she was so sleepy.

ARIANA Wacky Factor: 6

Although the sight of that is funny. We rank it a low wacky factor. It’s more funny than it is wacky! What we want to know is what you did to fix the mailbox and what you told your neighbor. I can’t imagine there’s really a good explanation for that maybe ‘uh, oops’. You need to give your girlfriend some Red Bull for every drive to your place, she needs it. And safety wise, luckily it wasn’t worse!!

Wacky #3

So I’m dancing with a guy and his clumsy self knocks the table and spilled our group’s drinks everywhere. Yes, 5 drinks spilled. He tells me he’s gonna go get a drink and then he never comes back. I look on the other side of the club and see the same guy dancing with my friend (she didn’t see me with him earlier) and see her with a drink!!!

ARIANA: Wacky Factor: 7

Well, Romeo has a couple party fouls here. I’ll stamp his head ‘wacky’. Although he’s not a 10, he definitely is waaaack! Spills the drinks? Dude, coordination! And he actually should’ve bought all FIVE of you drinks! Then he never comes back. Then he’s with your FRIEND! Somehow, I don’t think that was a coincidence! Friend hopping and bumping and grinding is never cool! And he bought her a drink! Awww man! I would’ve made Romeo look a little foolish had it been me. Lying is never cool, in or out of the club. Don’t say things you can’t do!


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