Pimping 101 for Ladies

Picking up a guy is not always as easy as it seems!  In some cases, it’s downright next to impossible to even get a guy to buy you a drink!  I mean c’mon, I’m not even ugly!  Over the years, however, I’ve learned a few simple techniques to pick up that guy you’ve been eyeing and just beyond your reach.  With these easy steps, you can get your pimping skills down.

1. Be attainable.

The best way to be attainable is to show that you’re available. If you’re always surrounded by your best friend’s brother and his frat buddies, you’re not going to look too available and may even be mistaken as someone’s girlfriend. The smaller the group you’re in, the better. You want to look approachable. Therefore, if you want to pick up a guy and go out with a huge group of seven or more, then most likely, you’re not going to get very far.

2. Let them pursue.

Guys like a challenge. It’s not that much fun for them if we throw ourselves in their laps and declare to them how sexy they are. Although some might be pleasantly surprised, most of them with look at you as desperate or even worse, see you as easy. Let them know you’re aware of them, but let them make the first move.

3. Initiating eye contact.

Eye contact is very important. It shows them that you’re interested in them but still leaves them plenty of room to pursue. For example, you’re out for a drink with a few friends.  You see a cute guy across the room that you have seen out before and you want him to finally be aware of you.  First, make eye contact across the room. If you have to stare at him for 5 minutes before he sees you, then so be it. Do not look like a psycho.

4.  Maintaining eye contact

You can just as easily keep tabs on where he is looking by not directly staring at him. Once you have made eye contact, look away, then look back. Do it at least a couple times, and maybe even smile if you’re feeling especially frisky.  By this point, he either is into you, thinks you have a staring problem, or thinks your just plain crazy! Since you really have nothing to lose now, make a point to walk by him on purpose making sure to make eye contact as you walk by.  Or if he is at the bar, walk up beside him, order a drink, but do not talk to him. Let him talk to you first.

4. The Conversation.

Having a conversation that he will remember is important. Because let’s face it, if you are in a bar and he has had a few drinks, his memories of you may be a little fuzzy the next morning. Since he will be the one to initiate conversation, follow his lead at first with the conversation. However, make sure you pick up on clues in the conversation.  Then you can relate when it comes time for you to respond showing that you have things in common with him. This will help him remember not only the conversation, but you as a person and as a possible love interest. If he mentions that he loves to snowboard and you also love to snowboard, make sure to let him know that you love that sport.

5. The Phone Number.

It really does not take a genius to figure out that if he is interested in you, he will ask for your phone number. If he had the courage to initiate conversation with you, then he will have the courage to ask for your phone number. If he does not ask for it, well, unfortunately he may just not be that into you. Maybe he saw something in the conversation that he did not like.  Or maybe he did not feel any chemistry with you. Although you could ask him for his phone number, this is probably not the best option because he obviously did not care enough about you to get yours. Getting his number will most likely only lead to wasting your time, or worse yet, you getting your heart broken.

6. Additional tips to remember.

There are just a few odds and ends that need to be mentioned. When talking with the guy, make sure not to monopolize the conversation. You want him to remember you in a good way, not as someone who would not stop talking. Also, make sure to continue to make eye contact throughout the entire time. Again, do not be weird about it, but doing so will let him know you’re interested. Also try to remember his eye color. He will be impressed when you talk to him in a few days and compliment him on his gorgeous (**insert eye color**) eyes.

Follow these tips, but also be sure make sure not to monopolize his time.  Most likely, he is out with his friends and they already have their agenda set for the night. Your friends may not be too happy either, if you spend the entire night with a stranger. A good frame of reference is to spend less than an hour with the guy. This leaves enough time to make an impression, but just enough time to make him want to get to know you more.

Good luck ladies!


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