Random Q & A (Part III)

Random, that’s about what dating life is around here.  We’re watching our own team going through some changes, all good changes though.  But, new relationships here, taking breaks from dating, people preparing to date, and relationships ending.  It’s the circle of dating life!  So, we see questions from here to there, from abstinence to sex and dating, and everything in between.  But, we all have something to learn from each other and something to teach each other too.  Sit back, read our latest questions and ponder life.  Or just stare at the questions and be in awe that dating life is as complicated as it is.  Here it comes:

Q:  I’m not ready to have sex yet with the new guy I’m dating, but he seems rushed to do it.  How do I know if that’s all he wants or if he actually wants more.  I know sex is definitely a part of any relationship though. 

ARIANA:  You’re absolutely right that sex is definitely a part of life.  It’s also an important component in relationships, not one of the most important components but still important. I think not putting too much emphasis on sex also demonstrates maturity. Only through experience, growth, discipline, and maturity can you honestly appreciate finding the right person to share that experience with rather than experiencing it from a selfish standpoint.  Then you’re only concerned on fulfilling a basic need. Everyone’s different though.

Q:  I started dating this new girl and she told me she was a virgin waiting for the right person to have sex.  We’ve been messing around a lot, and then one night we went all the way.  She had said one thing, but her actions spoke another.  The next morning she woke up and told me that’s all I wanted.  And she said I should find someone else as she stormed out.  I feel terrible, I wanted to respect her wishes but I wasn’t clear on what she wanted.  She means a lot to me and I’m not sure what to do.  If she wants to wait, then I’ll wait.  I just need to know what she wants.  I apologized on text and voicemail, but she hasn’t responded.   

ARIANA:  You sound like a man of your word.  I have no doubt you feel bad about being with a virgin.  If she can’t accept your sincerity, then she lost out on a great guy. You are human  People make mistakes, especially guys in moments of weakness. If she can’t accept that, she’s got a lot to learn that you can’t teach her by yourself.  And if waiting on sex is what she wants, then she needs to be loud and clear in and outside the bedroom.  It would be important to also set a list of ground rules to be sure you stay within the boundaries.  Waiting is never an easy thing.  Good luck with that!  Ever heard of the color BLUE!

Q:  I feel so superficial but all the guys I like are usually good-looking guys.  And they’re in great shape with a great body, it just drives me wild and I want to take a bite out of that.  I feel like I’m being too superficial going for these guys, because a lot of times they turn out to be players. 

ARIANA:  Looking good is an admirable goal and physical fitness is key. Plus, if you take care of your body it’ll care of you,  Take a bite out of that?  Classic!  Initially we’re all superficial and that’s just our basic human instinct. We follow our senses and with sight being one of them, it’s natural to initially be attracted to what you see and go from there.  No one can ever tell you what or who you should be attracted to, only you know.  Attraction is a natural feeling, so don’t feel bad if that’s your taste because everybody is different.



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