Military Travels


So I went on a last minute trip with a few friends to Miami about a month ago and I actually met a guy. Not just any guy though, I met a smoking hot, mature, financially stable, military man. We only hung out one night.  But we had awesome chemistry and a special bond.  He seemed like a genuinely nice guy who I would have loved to get to know better. Okay, so those are all the positives. However, there are quite a few negatives. First, we live eight hours apart.  Second, he’s in the military, so he travels a lot. For example, right now he is in London for two months. Third, I know very little about him. We have been talking on the phone, skyping and emailing on Facebook.  He seems really into me. He even mentioned taking me on a weekend trip. However, is this enough communication to find out enough about someone to want to see him again? What if this is just lust? How far should I go in my search for true love?


Finding that special someone is hard, and trying to determine between possible love and lust can be even harder. How far someone goes for true love mostly depends on the individual. If you are someone that falls in and out of love easily, you may want to continue with just a friendship.  And time will tell whether or not what you have is just lust, attraction, love, or friendship. I have known women who have rearranged their whole lives for a man living in a different state who turned out to be someone, that later, they did not love. They wasted their money and alienated their families.  And in the end all they received was a broken-heart. Although you have to take risks in love, you cannot let a possible love interest determine your future. You and you alone are responsible for your destiny. I would continue to talk to Mr. Miami as a friend. You never know where innocent conversation could end up. However, remember to take your time and make wise choices. Wise choices, such as keeping sex out of your conversations for awhile, continuing to date other people, not moving with him to a different state, and doing a background check on him before you travel with him, will help you make the right decisions. Time will tell what this is.


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