Random Q & A (Part IV)


What do you think about a couple waiting til marriage for sex? If a guy is willing to do that, that’s pretty serious, right?


It is definitely not the norm. But, for a girl, it shows the guy is really serious about her, I think. And that he’s willing to set aside and sacrifice his wants. It definitely doesn’t guarantee a great relationship but shows the guy is the marrying type. And obviously, it shows he’s not looking for sex. Something to be respected but definitely expected!


Last night my cousin and I hung out with some guys we used to talk to and date.  Why do guys always try to hook up with both my cousin and I, one after the other! WTF? Some guys are spineless. Do they think we’ll screw each other over to just to get some a** from some random a**holes??? Really!!!!!! Do we give of that vibe or is it just some guys twisted fantasy? Or both? What happened to morals? I love my boys, they’re awesome but some guys think this is okay. WTF????


I bet you were clubbing right? If so, it’s almost every male’s fantasy to be with two girls and given the added alcohol element and those inner desires come creeping to the surface and they make it annoyingly obvious. Yes, you don’t bring guys that you’ve dated in the past, out with you. That’s like dating 101 because of the possibility of them doing one of two things. One, get butt hurt because you’re not giving them the attention they require and make things awkward because things didn’t work out for you two, but you’re kickin it to someone else or 2) assume they’re in the friend zone and think it’s ok to hit on your friends, family, etc because you’re just friends. Add alcohol to the mix and you get last night. Now granted not every guy is the same and they may be cool, even if you establish a good friendship relationship beforehand, you still should avoid those scenarios. I’m in no way condoning these dudes actions or saying it’s right, far from it. But you can’t set up these scenarios and not expect a possible negative outcome.


I meet guys in the club and they keep turning out to be jerks. Some of my friends want to hook me up with people they’ve dated. What am I doing wrong? And is it okay to date guys associated with my friends?


I think you need to readjust your dating criteria, locations, scene, or something, because these dudes you meet are not winners. The club is not the place to find something serious! Personally, I don’t try to hit on females, friends, family, etc., unless they’re trying to hook me up. And even then most times I don’t feel comfortable with it. I don’t hook up with my boys exes, past hook ups, or even chicks that they’ve tried to hit on and failed. There’s way too many females to be limited. Change up your scene and you may see something different.


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