Random Q & A (Part V)


Do you believe it’s possible for people can fall in love within the first few weeks?


Yes, I mean anything is possible. Do I think that’s a sufficient amount of time to build a lasting meaningful relationship? No. Often the quickly ignited fiery relationships, passionate, etc…the flames die out just as quickly as they were ignited. So there’s a lot of variables. Are they two individuals fully established? Have they figured out who they are as a person? Have they figured out what they need? What they want? The difference? What’s their idea of love? I mean there’s a lot that goes into a relationship. So to think you fully know someone after a few weeks is not feasible and how can you honestly be in love with that person if you don’t really know them? So people often mistake lust, sexual attraction, their idea of what they want for love but often it’s far from the truth. So 9 times out of 10, I believe people aren’t being honest with themselves. But when that one couple who were absolutely destined to be together and perfectly compatible meet each other, that is when I would say yes you can fall in love after a couple of weeks.


I started dating a girl of a different ethnicity and I’ve been hearing so many negative things about her ethnicity. How much should I take these into account?


Lol let me not fill your head up with bad thoughts just judge everyone by their unique personal qualities and not their ethnic stereotypes.


When do you think is a good time to introduce the kids and the significant other? Certain timeframe? When you’re discussing marriage?


I personally think a good time is when you know that the person is going to be a significant person in your life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be when you’re discussing marriage. When you feel that person is privy to that aspect of your life. My son has literally only met 3 guys that I’ve been in relationships with. So for me, my son is an important aspect in my life so the female has to really stand out, and it has to be a serious relationship for them to be welcomed into that part of my world.


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