I’ve been dating this amazing guy for a month. We had a really strong bond and we could spend hours upon hours just talking about our lives. We were fine, although he would talk about his fears of what would happen in the future when he had to move to his next duty station or deploy. But I thought our bond was strong. We had a great weekend and spent the whole day together. He was starting to be a part of my routine and life. We’d talk morning all the way til night and everything in between. We spent together what he said was a perfect day. But that Monday he told me he wanted to end things and he couldn’t be with me anymore. I felt like I was blind-sided. I’m having a hard time accepting this, I keep trying to get him to meet me face to face to talk about it, but he won’t. What should I do? Why won’t he meet me face to face? If he cared, wouldn’t he meet up with me. How can things change so fast?


I’m sorry to say baby girl, a month is not long to know a person at all. Maybe you thought you knew him, but you only saw a month of who he is in his 20+ yr old life. Believe what you see in front of you as that’s how he’s acting. It’s naive and unwise for you not to use both pieces of information to define who he is. Who knows what he’s thinking or if he’s telling you everything? You can’t force him to explain it to you or to meet you in person. You just have to accept it and move on. He can say all he wants that he cares for you, but baby girl actions will and always speak louder than words. If he’s not giving you the decency to end it face to face, take that as a sign that you really didn’t have as strong of a bond as you thought you did. People find a way to do something if it’s important, so don’t buy any excuse he gives you. Let him go and move on. You already gave a month to him and toward a relationship that’s gone nowhere, don’t give him anymore of your precious time. Take that month for what it was, a month to meet someone, have some good conversation and laughs, but that’s it. Don’t make something out of nothing.


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