Random Q & A (Part VI)

Q: She sent me a text saying “I feel like we’ve been together a long time. Well I guess we have. 6 months in total.” what does this mean?

A: It means she trusts u to be herself. That she can be herself around you. That you guys are just walls down and not playing games. It’s a good thing. She feels at home with you.

Q: Just wondering how it affects things if a girl talks dirty with a guy but don’t use ‘make love’. Does that degrade the girl if she talks dirty and drops f bombs instead of saying ‘sex’?

A: It just depends on the guy and the relationship you have. Everyone is different, but you should be aware enough to see what the respect level is. The more respect he has for you, the less he will look down on you. Guys of high caliber can separate sex talk from the rest of the relationship. Both parties should know how to isolate sex and sex talk from the rest of the relationship.

Q: I started dating this new guy and I’m feeling a little insecure. He always acts like a gentleman doing old fashioned things like pulling my chair out for me, opening doors for me, picking me up for dates, and even meeting me at the door when he picks me up for dates He listens to everything I say and always makes time for me. How do I know if he’s the real deal?

A: Sounds like a sweet deal. He is doing and saying all the right things, but only time will tell if he is the real deal. You just have to be patient to figure that out. You don’t want to cut out too early if he’s the real thing but don’t want to stay too long if he isn’t. A few things to look out for is that he’s consistent in what he say and does, also be sure to see if you’re progressing in more than just the physical realm, and a deeper connection as time passes. Pay attention to what he does and if it backs up what he says. Keep your eyes open and really evaluate whether he’s doing what he says he’s about.


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