Random Q & A (Part X)

QUESTION: The guy I’m dating wants to know what my ‘number’ is. It’s a lot higher than his. Should I tell him or not? He told me he’s going to assume my ‘number’ is worse since I’m not telling him.


When it comes to the ‘number’ game, it can be a difficult process to discuss with your significant other. I actually had the same situation with my girlfriend when we began dating. Her number was significantly lower than mine because she had different morals/values than I did. She also intended on waiting until marriage. I had a different lifestyle in college before I met her and lived my life accordingly. When we came across this subject, it was a bit awkward to discuss. We both knew the type of lifestyle I used to lead, but she had no idea my number fairly high. That said, the best thing you can do is be honest with your partner. Everyone had their own lifestyles before meeting their significant other and should not be punished for what happened before you met.

There is a reason you may have engaged in sex with the other men. But at the same time, there is also a reason you are not dating them. Former boyfriends/girlfriends and one-night stands do happen. And it is not something anyone can take back. Yet if the guy you are dating truly cares about you, your ‘number’ shouldn’t cause him to turn away from you. By explaining things to him, hopefully it will make him trust you for being able to talk about such a difficult topic. And it will also help strengthen your relationship. When I did, my girlfriend respected that I could come clean, even though my ‘number’ was significantly higher than her. And I’m proud to say we are currently going on 3 years of being together.

QUESTION: There is a guy who is friends with my best friend and he lives an hour away. I can’t tell what he wants to do or if I’m just a fwb? He calls me a couple of times a month to see me and we have sex every time we see each other which makes it feel like we’re fwb. We’re not officially dating or anything, so we’re free to date other people.


You have to ask yourself a few questions. First, are you actively searching for a boyfriend or just playing the field? Second, are you developing feelings for this guy beyond sex? Third, what happens after you guys have sex? Do you continue to hang out in social settings such as going to the movies? Fourth, do you want to date him exclusively? Once you answer these questions, it will be easier to approach this situation.

If you are actively searching for a boyfriend, but you are continuously having sex with him when he visits, naturally you will develop relationship-type feelings. If you do hang out in social settings, then it’s no wonder why you have these feelings. If you answered yes to 2nd and 4th questions, then I suggest talking to him about your feelings. The worst thing you can do is to let things sit in your mind, letting it become jumbled and twisted.

Overthinking usually leads to disaster in relationships or before a relationship. You should speak what’s on your mind and heart. Then you can see where he is at. He might possibly be having the same type of feelings, but doesn’t want to rock the boat by asking you. It sounds stupid, but when it comes to stuff like this, some guys are really nervous. They are honestly just happy being in the situation they are in not wanting anything to happen asking the question, ‘what are we?’. If you feel this way and wish to pursue it as a relationship, just let him know how you feel. If he is on the same page, it should work out beautifully. If not, then you have to determine if fwb is the right thing for you and adjust accordingly.

QUESTION: I always meet assholes whenever I go to the bars/clubbing and end up dating them. I’m tired of it, how do I meet better guys? A good guy would be great, but those don’t seem to exist as often as the assholes.


I’ll be the first to tell you that assholes are EVERYWHERE! As a guy, I consistently see them with some amazing women. It makes me wonder how the heck they do it. Well I have an answer for that. The reason assholes continue to get great women is because great women continue to fall for asshole moves. We all know what they are and how they act. Most of the time, they all look the same. If you want to find a real man and not just any guy, meet them outside of the bar/clubs. Here’s how it usually breaks down by the numbers for guys at the bar/club: 70% are assholes, 15% happily married (their wife is with them), 10% have girlfriends and are committed, and 5% are single and are good guys.

When any of my friends tell me, ‘Oh we met at a bar’, I think to myself, ‘another one bites the dust’. I know it’s hard to hear. But meeting people in a bar and having it work out is like hitting the lottery. It is VERY rare. Most people at the bar usually have two things on their mind, 1) how fast can I get drunk and 2) who is my target to hook up with? My advice to you is try your best to just go to the bar with friends to simply have a good time. Don’t focus on trying to meet guys there with the notion of starting a relationship. I understand you have no control of where you meet someone, but a bar is usually a difficult spot to find a great guy. Try doing activities that you enjoy like such as sports/social clubs/gym. The chances of you meeting a great guy at these places and having it turn into a healthy relationship is vastly higher than if you try it in a bar.


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4 Responses to Random Q & A (Part X)

  1. Wow…your one sentence response to the last girl’s real question is “Try doing activities that you enjoy like such as sports/social clubs/gym.” That’s kind of a cop-out answer, don’t you think? Have you MET the guys at gyms? They are the same guys that go to bars!

    Sports, social clubs, gyms and bars are all basically the same. Really good guys are working, volunteering, involved in important and interesting things in the world, not hiding out in clubs, gyms and bars.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t say that the gym was the PERFECT place to meet a great guy, but it is a change of pace from the bar. Also, I play sports year-round whether it be soccer, football, ect..and at these recreational places, people from all walks of life are there from the guido juiceheads, to average joes, to unathletic uncoordinated players. I was not trying to provide a “cop-out” answer, I simply wanted to offer different venues to try and meet new people.

    I will agree with you on the gym…probably another spot filled mainly with losers. And by social club, I don’t mean a bar/dance club. I mean church clubs, book clubs, ect. It depends on the individual as to which type of social club she would join. If she were to become a part of a social club or an athletic team and happened to meet a guy, at least she would have the chance to see him multiple times and get to know the “REAL” person he is. If you meet in a bar, all you know is whether they “look cute” or “smell nice”. They are usually overly intoxicated and are looking to score.

    When it comes to really good guys, you said that they are working/volunteering. I agree with you on the volunteering portion. It shows generousity as well as compassion for someone/something besides themselves. If a woman has knowledge of her man not having a job and still choses to date him, it doesn’t say too much for the woman. If the guy has time to go to sporting events, social clubs, ect..it also shows he has some sort of personality and character. There are plenty of places to meet great guys…I just wanted to suggest that you find a venue that you enjoy outside of the bar.

  3. Great response Slick Rick. I just wanted to add that one of the better ways to meet people is through friends. Your friends are a great screening tool for good guys (or girls). And I also have to say, that I suppose I won the lottery. The guy I’ve been dating for a few months now, I met in the club. He is a great Christian loving guy who just happened to be in the club that night even though it’s not his thing. =) Don’t dismiss the club, but surely don’t count on it. I know I wasn’t.

  4. @whateverisinthekitchen Thanks for your message and insight. There’s a ton of possibilities, people just have to learn to think outside the box and not depend on any one certain way!

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