Back to the playground of love where sometimes we go round and round, fall off, and bruise ourselves on even playing dodgeball. Whether you like it or not, the search for someone to be intimate with is a game; with random, confusing rules and if you play right, you might WIN!


Q: Why STD? That is about sexually transmitted diseases, why not another acronym?

A: The acronym STD has always been synonymous with a negative association. But smalltowndating promotes responsible dating and fighting against STD. One of our slogans is ‘STD – You betta check it’. Awareness of STD’s and knowing about them teaches our society that there’s a deeper level to the act of sex and consequences. It’s not something to hide, but something to promote awareness for and responsible living. And if it so happened that my name initials were STD, should I change my name or hide it? No, because it stands for something bigger than that. It would represent who I am as a person, my life, my life story and something to be proud of, not ashamed. Further, do we shun people with STD’s out of society? Has it come to that much of a negative association that people can’t see otherwise? We believe in education, openness, faith, creativity and thinking outside the box.

Q: Who are these stories about?

A: All the stories are based on true stories of me and those around me, but details have been changed to protect the innocent! The stories are universal, dating and relationships touch all of our lives. These are the stories that people don’t tell and keep to themselves. The pain is real and the humor we use is to remind us to not take ourselves so seriously. We are all human, after all.

Q: Do you provide professional advice?

A: STD is purely for entertaining purposes and if you are need of professional help, we encourage you to seek it through counseling, medical doctors, or whatever route works best. We in no way claim to be experts on the subject matter. Our opinions are expressly from our experience and knowledge. If it helps great, but we are not claiming to be experts in the field.

Q: How do I submit a dating question?

A: All questions are anonymous. You can submit questions (and like our page too) on FB, at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/smalltowndating or submit a question via info@justaskelle.com

Q: Every now and then, a serious post appears on your site that deals with abuse, rape, etc. Doesn’t that defeat your purpose of entertaining people?

A: Our message is for everybody dating, and unfortunately, there are traumatizing life events that affect our dating and relationships. These are real issues, just as much as humor, and we believe, should be brought to light. If there isn’t increased awareness, people aren’t educated and don’t understand the depth of the impact of these issues. We encourage anyone who has gone through similar stories and any of those issues to seek help. We try as much to help direct people to resources, but the ultimate decision to get help out of your situation is for you to make.

Q: Why is it ‘small town’ dating? How does this differ from big city dating?

A: Smalltowndating is a catchy name we chose at our initial stage, now we are ‘Someone to Desire’. But all dating stories span across towns and cities, as long as you’re human, you’ll experience the ups and downs of both dating and relationships.


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