Domestic Violence

We here at smalltowndating (STD) know that it’s not all just laughs and real issues come into play with relationships, issues like domestic violence. Even one incident is one incident too many. Victims of domestic violence need a place to turn to and a safe haven if they’re going to be able to escape their situation. Domestic violence shelters are everywhere and they are trained to help families. No one deserves to be hit for any reason and love doesn’t mean violence. Often times the person committing the violent act has issues they need to seriously work on, totally unrelated to the victim’s fault. Please encourage your loved one or yourself (if you’re the victim) to seek help from a crisis center. Avoid blaming the victim, but choose to listen and be supportive of the victim. Often times they’ll be afraid of how the abuser will retaliate and what will happen to the kids if the abuser finds out the victim is trying to escape.

STD is a big supporting of stopping domestic violence and to encouraging victims to leave their situation and start a new life. Please feel free to email us at if you’d like help in going the right direction. Peace to all!


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