Mental Health Issues

We at smalltowndating (STD) are big proponents of people receiving help for mental health issues. There are many people who live with a mental disorder, whether it be anxiety, depression, bipolar, post partum depression, post traumatic stress disorder, etc. These mental health issues really leave the brain chemically imbalanced and need both therapy as well as medicine to correct the issue. We do advocate therapy as it helps with 80% of the issues and medicine at only 20%. In fact, we believe everyone should go to therapy, just to give themselves a professional’s opinion as well as evaluate their life from a 3rd person perspective. In our eyes, having a mental health disorder is not a weakness. It’s like any other illness affecting the body, it needs outside help to correct it. This is something that’s beyond talking yourself out of or just exercising self-improvement.

The first step would be to locate a good psychiatrist in your area. We always recommend interviewing at least 3 to get a feel for which one best fits your needs. You can ask family and friends for recommendations, as well as asking any of your other doctors (primary care, ob/gyn, etc). There is hope for those with mental health disorders, it just takes time to correct and help put a band-aid over. If you are a caregiver, friend, family, or spouse of someone with a mental illness, keep in mind it requires a lot of patience, understanding, and support on your part. Sometimes people can go several years being misdiagnosed. Even the process of finding the right meds can take some time, since everybody reacts differently to various medicines. Just take it one day at a time, count your blessings, and get the right help. Peace and wellness!


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