Men in Relationships: Points to Consider

Women, more time than not, want a real relationship, which takes a real man. But how do you find that guy? Read on as Aubrey gives us tips.

What to Consider in Men and Relationships:

Over the past 5 years, I have been on numerous dates, had several boyfriends, and have even been in a serious long term relationship. In all my experiences, I have never met a man whose personality, values, and beliefs make me want to start or even stay in a relationship with him. Since I am a very analytical person, I tend to analyze everything, including men. I wonder, at times, if I am being too harsh or just need to give the guy a chance. However, I have been burned too many times to just settle for anything less than I deserve. I believe any woman, including myself, deserves a man that they can love for who he is and what he stands for.

How do you get what you want in a relationship?

1. Non-Negotiables. Figure out what you want from that perfect man and relationship, then make a list of non-negotiable qualities. When you have a list, it will be easier to stick too. It’s especially important especially when you are blinded by love and lust. It’s not wise to begin a relationship if you don’t know what you want, which is why this is a very important step. And don’t let love blind you. If there is a non-negotiable that he does not meet, it is wise to end the relationship.

2. Warning Signs. Warning signs could possibly be a sign of what’s to come if you do not take them seriously. Look for warning signs from the beginning. Examples of some warning signs could be: he has a controlling attitude, has anger issues (i.e. fights at bars or has been in jail for this type of behavior), is disrespectful to you or women in general, or no compassion or empathy toward others.

3. Important Cons. Determine what a true con is before you start dating. A con could be that he is a messy person, but not that he wears glasses. Always remember when deciding cons, that no one is perfect. It’s also important to remember there are more important than physical attributes. Physical attributes are important but if there no attraction, physical attributes should not be what makes or breaks a relationship.

4. Love and Attraction. A guy may meet all your non-negotiables. But they still may not be the person for you, attraction and love still have to be there. You could find a person who has what you want, but without attraction, the relationship will not work.

5. Falling in love. Don’t be afraid of falling in love. The only way of truly knowing someone is to completely commit to getting to know them. Having fear of falling in love in a relationship can keep you from really finding that perfect one for you. When you let go, and the guy does likewise, great things can happen.

Before getting into a relationship, you need to be prepared in a few ways. You need to know what you’re looking for and what you won’t stand for. Ranking your cons can help you realize which negatives you can live with. These lists are helpful. But it’s always important to consider love and attraction. These are very important sparks to be there for anything to begin or continue. Lastly, don’t be afraid to fall, when you let yourself go, you can open yourself up to the possibility of that perfect man and relationship.


Unbelievably Wacky Week Happenings, Part VII

Wow, what happened?? It’s been a while since we’ve had our wacky dating stories. We know we’ve had them, they must’ve gotten misplaced. But behold, we found them. It’s Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, so maybe Valentine’s Day is a good day to roll out a little laughs. You’ll be thankful for your own dating life and be uber grateful for where you are right now!

Wacky #1

This guy walks up to me the club and hands me a rose. He tells me, ‘I promise I don’t want to f&ck you, I just want to give you this cause you’re beautiful’. And then he kisses all my girlfriends hands.

Wacky Factor: 5

We say that’s funny. Who does that really? Well, obviously this guy did. But somehow, I highly doubt that wasn’t his intention. Lol. I’m sure if the offer of sex was extended, he wouldn’t deny. For all you fellas, this would be one ranked: not smooth. And don’t try so hard! Really! Be natural is what we always say! And if you don’t know what that is, practice it. Be you and the rest will follow!

Wacky #2

We’re out at a local bar and a guy friend of my friend’s boyfriend digs me. He starts following me around the bar, making an effort to talk to me. Even when another guy that liked me came up to me to dance, ‘dude’ still comes up to me afterwards. Then ‘dude’ tells me he’ll walk me out to my car. ‘Dude’ goes up the bar to close my tab and then altercations begin with my close friend who walks up with his girl. I jump and interfere telling them to both back down and telling my guy friend ‘dude’ was with me. When I ask the ‘dude’ if he’s gonna walk me down or stay, he tells me ‘I’m staying here, I didn’t do anything to that guy’.

Wacky Factor: 7

Dude!! Yeah, ego can get in the way. Obviously, the other testosterone in his head got going and the other side flew out the door. He left you hanging girl, no doubt about that. And we say WACKY to that. We take it with a grain of salt the words people say when you meet them, especially when alcohol is involved. Sounded like a strong start, but nose dive into a bad finish. Chuck ‘him, unless, of course, you want a little wacky in your life!

Wacky #3

My ex-girlfriend (as of a few weeks ago) cheated on me while I was on a business trip last month. And then her new guy asks her to tell me that I can come over and hang out with the two of them. Is that insane or am I crazy?

Wacky Factor: 9

What planet is your ex-girl from? Maybe planet drama? That is just trouble brewing. I see no good sides to that arrangement, especially if it’s cheating that just happened within the last few weeks. You’re better off, we’re ranking this one high in w-a-c-k-y! She must be brainwashed, because why anyone would agree to that is beyond me. Be glad she’s gone!! Wacky wacky wacky!

Yeah, we know, how do we ever come up with this stuff? We don’t. The people around us do. But, that’s mankind, we’re all so different and we all know on the flip side there’s stories circulating on the other side of the coin! But, well, all we have is ours, so that’s that. Join us next time. We love the wacky, it brings a smile to our day! So, be thankful!

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