Booty Call



I’ve been friends with this guy ever since he picked up on me where I work as a bartender.  We’ve been friends for about 8 months or so.  I couldn’t ever figure out what he wanted from me.  I thought he was interested when he first asked for my number, but he never contacted me.  Instead he friended me on Facebook and we would exchange Facebook messages.  I’m an artist on the side, so he would always compliment my new pieces that I would post on Facebook.  He seemed like he really liked it.  He had sincere compliments, but they tapered off as time went by.  He would always flirt with me while I was doing my bartender gig.  We would always text message at night when we were out and about.  He sent me a text message to come over at 4am multiple times to ‘hang out’.  After a while he started doing that more often.  I asked him what kind of girl he thought I was and he just said he wanted to hang out.  One night I saw him out, and he bought all of my drinks.  I was feeling a little vulnerable because of an incident earlier with the guy I was dating, plus I had a few drinks.  We ended up kissing that night.  It’s been almost a week and haven’t heard from him.  What should I do?  What I keep letting our interaction continue?  Or should I just be on the friendship level?  Or should I even be friends at all?         


It really looks like you’re reaching to put together a story for something meaningful with this guy.  And yes, it is definitely time to end this ‘interaction’.  One of the biggest reasons that the chances of dating are pretty much nil is that he texts you at 4am.  Who does that?  I don’t even send texts to family or friends that hour.  You know who does send messages that hour, are usually people looking for a booty call.  Most times if it’s 4am, they’ve probably been out and have less inhibition, giving them a more likely chance to make that booty call.  It doesn’t even sound like he’s taking you out on a real date, either.  If he’s not interested in spending time in daylight hours and spending money on you, most likely at best you’re a friend or the other extreme is friends with benefits.  If you’re down for ‘friends with benefits’, then by all means, get your fix.  Otherwise, just end any kind of friendship.  I mean, the guy kissed you and can’t even return a call after that.  That’s suspect.  Find someone else who really cares for you and wants your time, ’cause you’re not getting that here.

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