Random Q & A (Part VII)

Q: Does that make a girl look too easy if she doesn’t wait til being official and is messing around before that?

A: Doesn’t need to be any titles to mess around. Some girls are freaks. But if a girl would mess around on the first date. It’s a red flag. If you don’t want to seen as a red flag, I recommend you wait until the 4th or 5th date.

Q: I have a girl friend that doesn’t want to introduce me to her son and daughter. Is that awkward?

A: I totally understand where she’s coming from. For single parents, bringing a child into the picture is difficult. Some single parents are not that protective, then there are some who are overprotective. Reasons for being overprotective could be they don’t to introduce several different people in their lives who aren’t gonna stay, bad experiences in the past, or not to confuse their kids. Don’t take it personally, that’s just her parenting style.
Q: The guy I’m talking to just told me he smokes weed everyday.
A: Yeah. No bueno. I’ve know guys who have done that. And if he really wants help to chill he should go to the psych and gets meds prescribed. Weed is the readily available and non-regulated version of anti-depressants! And it really is the gateway to other hard core drugs! Ask him if he does other drugs every once in a while. If he says yeah, walk away girl.

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