Top 5 Dating Texts of the Week (Part XI)

Online dating, text messaging buddy, hair pulling, obeying, and Scooby Doo! You know it’s crazy. We all know it’s crazy, but it’s just too fun. What fun do we have today?

Text #1 Losers

Ever had that opposite sex friend who you share your dating lives with, even the lack thereof!
boys trip, happy ending, kiss, lonely, losers, got laid










Text #2: Scooby Doo and Mystery Van

People shouldn’t try to lie, sometimes they get caught. A lie is only a lie if it’s not found out.
scooby doo psycho stalker mystery lied











Text #3: Obey

Is obey preferable?
obey straight up relationship











Text #4: Hair Pulling

When it comes to hair pulling, does hair length make a difference?
Easter pulling hair long hair pervert haircut











Text #5 Snuggling

I agree that snuggling is another term for foreplay. What do you think?

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